Bio:  Mama. Wife. Artist + Designer. Writes Stuff. East Coast.

I always felt like I was fated to be involved in something creative, maybe not something utterly revolutionary; I just wanted to read good books and create rad things. I was an English major in college, as I felt was the thing to do, and somehow between my Dostoevsky discussion papers and Victorian literature such and such, I found myself completely and voraciously fascinated with the pages of Elle and Vogue, and the like, and was craving to have my  hands busy with something creative and art-focused. It was all soothing to the deeper anxieties I was battling, and little did I know it would all become a driving force for who I am today.

While putting pen to paper is still at my core, I also work as an independently contracted editor and media manager, as well on-set at various locations as a makeup artist and stylist. I have also been increasing my design portfolio, playing around with thread, vinyl, canvas, and other papery things. The most important job, however, is that of Mama. In 2015 I finally became a mother and that is my heart and the passion that fuels every other thing in life. I am married to my gorgeous, bearded best guy, and love to kiss his face always. I am fascinated with most (all) things British, and can probably beat you in a gangster rap battle if need be, but that may be veering away from topic. Whether it’s commentary, DIY, or my thoughts on the ordinary and extraordinary, let’s be rad together!




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