Royal Wedding 2.0

Who else was smitten to wake up to confirmation of Prince Harry’s royal engagement to Meghan Markle?! I joke that I felt it way before I saw it. It has been rumored for some time, but the official Clarence House announcement and engagement photo call took place earlier today.



Harry + Meghan hosted a photo call at Kensington Palace just hours after the news of their engagement broke. The photo call took place in the palace’s Sunken Gardens, which are a living tribute to Princess Di. The couple were absolutely beaming upon arrival!


PS, I need that white trench that Meghan was wearing. Paired with her nude pumps and black dress underneath … perfection. Yeah, yeah, Harry looked alright too.

I don’t know if anyone else remembers from when Will proposed to Kate, but that famous blue sapphire ring was actually left unto Harry, who graciously passed it on to Will some years ago. It was nice to see that Harry was able to incorporate his mother into Meghan’s ring, which he designed himself, along with Cleave and Company, court jewelers to Her Majesty The Queen.  It is comprised of diamonds from one of her brooches, as well as another from Botswana. It really is quite beautiful.


When it comes to picking a gal to wife up, Harry and Will have certainly aced their picks. Kate and Meghan are perfect people, absolutely perfect. Another royal baby for Kate + Will, and now another royal wedding coming this spring for Harry + Meghan. Be right back, moving to London.



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