Life with Jude: Summer Updates

Good afternoon and how the heck are you?? I have not been as diligent about updating the blog, I know, but I have just been too busy loving the time with my son, husband, and family. I commend all of you that do keep up with such, and if you want to keep up with us more frequently head on over to Instagram and follow along: @dinos.and.dogwood.


I am currently obsessed with photographing Jude in front of fun murals and textured walls, so expect to see much more of this!

Family wise, we have had quite the busy summer so far, and are looking forward to all we have planned to come. We try to take Jude to do something as a family every weekend, even it’s just a small, new experience for him. We spent the weekend on the Eastern Shore for some quiet beach time, we visited an Alpaca farm where the owner hand spins her own yarn, we’ve visited Busch Gardens (although lately it’s either been too hot or rainy to go), and we’ve stopped by several other local hangs to just do the things. We have also started painting rocks, and let me say, Jude has quite the artistic touch!



I love that as parents we get to make our son take all of the more cheesy, staged vacy photos like we were once made to take.


Jude might have been less than thrilled about taking this photo, and shortly after he attemped to grab the alpaca by the face; the alpaca thus became less than thrilled.


We don’t all three often appear in photos like this, unless they are professionally taken, so when a kind man leaving our fave restaurant on the shore offered to take this I couldn’t say no.

If you follow along with any of our social media platforms then you know that as a family we are quite obsessed with dinosaurs (if the name + handle didn’t give it away). We went to a small dino expo back in March when my aunt and uncle gifted Jude tickets for his 2nd birthday. (We always love experience gifts!) When we found out that Jurassic Quest was coming to a venue near us we knew that it was going to be a must. We had an amazing family day (minus my brother-in-law who is admirably serving our country), and I loved watching Jude, as well as my niece and nephew,  get excited and explore and play.


Jude loves being outside, maybe even a little too much! He is constantly looking for means to get someone to take him out whether it’s day or night, rain or shine. I love his curious, playful spirit as it is the perfect companion to his loving, kind nature. We are thriving off of experiences as a family. Even if it’s something that my husband and I have experienced before, it becomes new again seeing our son experience it and get excited. Naturally, we have our trying toddler days so let’s not chalk it all up to cotton candy and moonbeams, but realizing that being this little boy’s mom is my jam is perhaps the greatest thing on the planet!


I love that living on the coast, by the water, gives us this backdrop to raise this little guy.

From first dentist appointments to first rides on the teacups, and everything in between, I have felt extra pressure to work every opportunity that comes my way to support these adventures. Justin is as busy as ever with his career, and while I have the blessing to be home with Jude I do still work to keep hustle strong! I am still an independtly contracted editor, but with summer being my slow season as far as that goes I have been putting a lot of effort into my online store, which you can link to in the menu above. If you’ve visited you’ve seen that it is currently full of witty and subversive cross stitch designs, but I already have been expanding with a line of hand lettered tote bags, key chains, wall hangings, and a few more gems, that should be making their way up there in the coming weeks!

To top it all off I am also just out of my first month in direct sales for the It Works global brand. To all of you skeptics I have to say, reconsider. I have been using the products on and off for a while, but after losing 30 pounds in the last three months I knew I had found something golden. If anyone is ever interested in what I am doing and using, or wants recommendations on a product or regimen that would work for them, please reach out! I want anyone and everyone to find the sweet spot like I have. It’s never too late to get fit and healthy! After seeing how strong and capable my body was in giving birth to Jude, I knew that I was going to make changes for myself and for my family, so the journey continues on that front!

If you’ve been wondering, what about the makeup?, let’s touch on that too. Do I still do makeup and styling? Yes. Do I do it full-time? No. I love all of my clients and peers, but my weeks are dedicated to Jude and other boss-babe areas. I do book weddings and photo shoots on the weekend, on a first come first serve basis. In fact, just this past month I worked with a dear model friend of mine to collaborate a series of hair and makeup looks for a photo shoot of promo images for an up and coming jewelry line, Ally Bling Couture. The photos from that amazing collaboration should be available soon, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

I know there are a million things I haven’t mentioned or updated, but when in the toddler whirlwind of life you are along for the ride in all capacities! I wish each of you a blessed summer and many memorable adventures as we too plan for our next holiday! Stay tuned here for more celebrity fashion posts and reviews on brands such as Urban Decays and Marc Jacobs. For now, we break for lunch! Let us know in the comments what you are up to this summer!!



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