Review: LUSH Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder


Has anyone else ever heard of tooth powder?? Apparently it’s been around for quite some time, but it was completely foreign to me until I stumbled across it whilst perusing the LUSH website. One, it’s called Tooth Fairy, and yes, there are little sparkles in the tooth powder that give it that glittering shimmer fairy dust feel. Two, they actually describe it as sweet strawberry fairy dust, so I needed to know more about this, especially since it was reviewed quite highly.

WHAT IS IT? Well, it’s a powder alternative to standard tooth pastes and gels made from a kaolin clay-based powder. The powder is flavored with strawberry and lemon and then sweetened with xylitol and stevia, so you get a slightly sweet and clean aftertaste versus a minty one you would get with regular toothpaste.

HOW DOES IT WORK? You simply wet your toothbrush as usual and dab it into the powder and then brush!


WHAT’S IT LIKE? This is probably the question I’ve been asked most.  The feel is definitely different, but not off putting. Have you ever brushed your teeth with plain baking soda before? The feel is similar to that, but you get that slightly sweet strawberry taste. You won’t miss the foaming qualities either because the powder also works into a foam as you brush. The biggest difference to me was the after feel and taste. When you brush your teeth with regular toothpaste you get that powerful mint taste that is pretty synonymous with fresh breath and what have you. With the tooth powder, as I mentioned, you get a sweeter aftertaste, but it isn’t necessarily a turn off; just takes some getting used to.  Your mouth still definitely feels clean, and you can run your tongue over your teeth and feel that clean sensation.

I will admit, it is a different experience you would have to be open to if you have long been using traditional toothpaste. Since my initial trial of this I have been mixing it into the routine with my regular toothpaste, using it about 50/50 with my usual routine products. Since you only need to use such a very small amount with every brushing, the $9,95 price tag for the 1.2 oz tub is actually a great deal. Some extra benefits? You do get some whitening properties, which are much more gentle than other whitening products on the market. Also, you get all the good stuff that LUSH normally brings to the table with their cruelty-free image, and the tooth powder is also a vegan product. If you are interested in trying this stuff out for yourself you should visit your local LUSH store or check them out online for more details.


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