Review: BH Blacklight Highlight Palette

When I was stocking up my pro kit with a few little goodies, I saw this new highlight palette and said oh my goodness, yes, you belong to mama!  The Blacklight Highlight palette features 6 iridescent shimmer highlights that are absolutely as dreamy as they look.

I will swatch them all below, but these are the perfect shades for your everyday highlight and beyond. You can even combine colors to tackle the rainbow/unicorn trend in a effortlessly pretty way. They are soft and smooth to apply, making them easily blendable and buildable. The color payout is actually really nice too. As I said, they are buildable so you can determine how subtle or dramatic you want to go. I swatched them below with just one swipe of color, so you can see how much reflective payout you are already getting with just that tiny bit:

One of these I will figure out how to master lighting when taking flat lays and makeup shots over here! I am pretty much doing everything from my iPhone. I know, I know,  it’s not the greatest of set-ups, but I digress. This palette is only $16.99, and besides that, you know BH always has amazing coupon codes and deals floating around! I’ve even seen a lot of my peer artists comparing this one to other palettes from brands like ABH. This is definitely one you want to add to your collection!

Imagine everything you can do besides cheekbone highlighting? A little on the Cupid’s bow or inner corner of the eye; possibilities are borderline endless y’all. I know a lot of people are also on the skeptical side when it comes to the BH brand itself, but let me tell you now that you do not need to be! I have used their products in both my pro kit and my personal collection for years now. They are a great brand overall, and I have been embracing them all the more recently since they are a cruelty-free company.

Have you used any of their products before? What are some of your faves??!


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