Review: Perfectly Posh Forever Young Anti-Aging Serum

I always try to support my friends, whether it be through their business or a cause they are supporting. One of my very best friends on this planet is dealing with her one-year-old daughter battling a tricky stage four cancer, so when a Perfectly Posh rep ran a fundraiser for her, well duh, I was in. I have never used anything from PP before, but I ended up getting one of their hand creams (it’s called Yassss Queen, so obviously it was meant to be mine), and this Forever Young anti-aging serum, because I have totally been complaining lately about fine lines starting to arrive to the party of my face. I didn’t have high soaring expectations or anything, but I thought what do I have to lose besides these lines??

Should I talk about the product first or my thoughts? I haven’t had my coffee yet so I am feeling anything but genius. Well, speaking of coffee, part of the formula of the serum contains caffeine (unintended but suitable segue; I like it). It’s also comprised of aloe vera and other natural oils, as well as Vitamin B3 which stimulates collagen, evens skin tone, and tightens the skin. So far so good, right??

You basically rub it all over your clean face in the morning and then again at night before bed, and this is the part where I tell you how essential this stuff had become for over the past 2 weeks! Not only does it both wake up and soothe my skin at the same time (magical), but within the first few uses I was already feeling the tightening and smoothing effects. Going into my second week, not only am I seeing and feeling the effects of the tightening and decrease in fine lines, especially around my eyes, I am beginning to see a decrease in the redness and uneven tones that I have been low key (not so low key) fretting over. My skin just feels fresher and so smoothe, and the lavender and lemon scent is absolutely lovely; almost therapeutic to the treatment. I love how much cleaner my skin feels when I apply this after cleansing my face and using micellar water (which I’ve also added to my routine). It’s just really uniqie from anything else I’ve tried out lately.

If you have been looking for something all-natural, and yes, cruelty-free, which I love to see more and more of these days, then definitely find a rep or go online to and treat yo’self! There’s also a companion anti-aging creme I think I need to try. In fact, I have my eye on a few other things now that I have been introduced to the company. Bonus Jonas, this serum is only 22$. Yes! It’s affordable and it works? Who would have thought?! This one is definitely an everyday essential to me now, so I’m curious to know what some of your essential skin care items are??


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