Top 5: Coachella 2017 Weekend One

Oh, Coachella. Thoughts anyone? Well, personally, I have always wanted to go! I want not only the experience under my fringed belt, but the music lineup is beyond impressive. As weekend one wraps up I sit on the opposite coast with several thoughts. Firstly, I have always found myself mildly infatuated with the bohemian vibes of festival fashion, but I suppose not to be outdone this years mix of looks is all over the place. It’s getting VMA-level crazy out in the California desert, but I am still loving what I guess can now be dubbed as traditional Coachella garb.

After combing through troves of photos and videos and Instagram moments, I really feel that the non-celebrity festival goers are definitely doing it up better than celeb attendees; however, I have still curated my top five celebrity fashion picks from this past weekend to share with you, in no particular order.

1. Taylor Hill at the Winter Bumbleland party.

Image: Getty/ Jerod Harris


2. Romee Strijd at the Revolve Festival Party

Image: BFA

3. Josephine Skriver at the Angel Oasis

Image: BFA

4. Kaia Gerber at the Revolve Festival Party

Image: BFA

5. Nicole Scherzinger at the Revolve Festival Party

Image: Getty

Which celebrity looks were you fancied with from weekend one of Coachella?? Share your picks in the comments! ✌🏻


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