Emma Roberts: Out of This World

I feel like I cannot get over being sick. This cold has been lingering for the better (or should I say the worse) part of 2 weeks. My energy, creative and otherwise, has been drained and depleted. As I am doing my current best to play catch up in a multitude of areas, I thought I would take to the great interweb to share this look that Emma Roberts wore to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, those are tiny moons and planets. Seriously, yes; I’m smitten. This little black dress from the new label Markarian is all about the special details, from the tiny celestial images to the side cutout adorned with a delicate tassel. Elbow cutouts add another unexpected touch, and complement the structured silhouette of the overall look. The Markarian label comes from the NYC-based designer Alexandra O’Neill, and is named after the scientist who discovered the Markarian galaxies. All pieces of this line have a cosmic theme, meaning I will undoubtedly love them all.

Emma rounded out her look with strappy black peep-toe heels and berry kissed lips, making for a cosmically chic styling. First impressions on the new Markarian label? How do you feel about  the planetary nod that is trending in fashion right now? Drop your thoughts in the comments.


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