Life With Jude: 2 Years

Oh my stars! I feel like I just have birth to this kid and over the weekend he turned 2! People always told me the time would fly, but I had no idea it would rocket by at light speed. Let me also just say, I was prepared for the terrible twos to bring its punches of all shapes and sizes, but I wasn’t even slightly prepared for the anxiety that would come solely from the fact that I am a boy mom. All the rough playing and shenanigans, nope, wasn’t prepared. My husband is constantly telling me that he’s a boy and it’s going to happen, but bumps and bruises on my baby is pretty devastating in my book. I am a panicked person by nature, so the fact that my 2-year-old insists on doing his own stunts alleviates none of  that. I feel in my heart of hearts that I was totally meant to be a boy mom, specifically Jude’s mom, but now I’m seeing more and more than I have to toughen up on par with my boys.

I love watching him grow, though. As he continues honing his language skills, it’s both equally amazing and entertaining being on this adventure with him. I had to start keeping up with all the adorable and zany things he says in does in my bullet journal, just to have a record for these adorable little moments. I’d be days listing them all, but, for example, the way he says “Bleshee” for “Bless You”, or always asks “a bath?” because he loves to take baths. He is just the greatest human I have ever known, and I just happened to make him.

We celebrated his birthday over the weekend at my aunt and uncles’ marina hous, with family and friends, by having a “Hot Dog” party (Jude calls Mickey Mouse Hot Dog). I tried to incorporate lots of homemade DIYs with traditional Clubhouse decor, to keep it a low key, yet personalized, experience. The one big fail, however, was the great bounce house debacle. We rented a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bounce house for the party, and we were so excited for Jude to have that experience. Last week consistently called for rain, which I prayed would keep at bay. The night before the party, the certainty of rain still prevailed so when given the option we went ahead and made the decision to cancel the rental. We woke up he next morning to a brief rain shower and then a day of sunshine. Although, I’m sure that had we went through with the rental it would have stormed, and I would have been out that sum of money. Sunday; however, brought a rain/snow mix, so go figure.

These Clubhouse sandwiches were a huge hit, so it was definitely worth taking the time to cut everything out with a cookie cutter. Using a cookie cutter in such a way is an inexpensive way to elevate the look of your food table for any event!

We had separate favors for the kids, but I always love an edible treat that works for anyone. I hand dipped pretzel rods in yellow melting chocolate and then gave them a generous dash of sprinkles for a colorful, festive look. Custom favor tags tied everything together.

In addition to store brought decor, I tried to add more personal homemade touches, like this Toodles welcome sign.

The cake (by Wildflour Cakes + Pastries) was a huge hit! I had the cake artist create the sky blue cake with Clubhouse gears and then I added the Mickey car topper and candles for the big day.

It turned out to be a great day, despite my disappointment with the bounce house situation. Virginia weather, man. Now we are in the beginning stages of updating Jude’s bedroom from his nursery to a more toddler friendly room. It is hard to find modern toddler bedding, let me say! I don’t want anything that goes overboard with a particular character, and all of the bedding I fall in love with is twin at it’s smallest, so too large for a converted toddler bed. I think I found a solution, so fingers crossed. I just want it all to be tasteful but practical, so storage is also going to be a key component. Not that Jude is even in his room all that often, but still!

We continue to look forward to watching out little man grow and never cease to amaze us. This will be a year of adventures, that’s for sure! We are still waiting for his 2-year well check with the pediatrician, which will be in 2 weeks. We finally made the decision to switch out of our previous pediatrician, for a handful of reasons, but our new doc came highly recommended so we feel good about things there.

I continue to be overwhelmed, in the best of ways, in the blessings of my motherhood journey. I have found my soul’s raison d’etre with this kid. I get so emotional just looking back on how it all got started, and everything that reamins ahead. To all the woman that are mothers in their hearts, just waiting on the child, do not give up! Do not give in to discouragement and doubt. Our fertility journey led us to such incredible moments and adventure and it will happen for you too; I pray that it will. While it is unlikely my body will ever have the extraordinary honor to carry another tiny human, my heart continues to overflow with love and nurturing so perhaps our family isn’t done growing! We are enjoying our sweet Jude, and want to give him the world, so, for now, that is the greatest contentment I could wish for.

More to come xo.


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