Dakota Johnson: 50 Shades Darker in L.A.

It is almost time for the next installment of the 50 Shades series, and this is such a guilty pleasure of mine; I can’t wait to see. Spare me any political feminist drama, for we all have been there and done that in the wake of the first film. 50 Shades Darker makes it’s Valentine’s premiere on the 14th, making for a very sexy date night if so inclined. When my husband surprised me with a date night to the premiere of the first one I was about 8 months pregnant waddling to my seat; definite adventure, you guys. I hope to see this one,  but it will probably me at a Sunday matinee, eating nachos.

Anyway, I digress. Dakota Johnson made quite the entrance at the L.A. Premiere of 50 Shades Darker, wearing this revealing Valentino number:

I am having such a love hate relationship with this look, I will say. Dakota looks like a dream in it, with her small frame, but it’s not something I could see many more people pulling off (maybe Kristin Bell or Margot Robbie). As a curvy girl, I am envious. That deep plunging neckline of course warrants a braless styling, which complements the delicacy of the whole look.

The delicate crisscrossing of straps in the back, revealing some of Dakota’s tattoos is another soft touch that gets a kiss of edge thanks to her ink. The soft blush color of the Valentino perfectly flatters her skin tone, and her darkened locks (which I’m in love with on her) as styled into an intricate braid; perhaps a nod to Anastasia Steele, if you get that reference.

Dakota’s strong brows and brick red lips keep with the vibe and pull everything together for a great premiere look, that only she can execute flawlessly. The silky sheet vibe, I think, totally works in her favor for this particular event, so perhaps this was even a clever move. Who else will be going to see 50 Shades Darker this month?


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