The Nostalgic Playlist

Have you ever had those days where you are just, for no particular identifiable reason, feeling nostalgic af. That’s me somewhat frequently; I just love the romance that nostalgia carries and how it ultimately propels you forward. Is that too ridiculous to surmise? I’ve lost grasp of my point already, you guys. Anyway, I am really into list making, which is why I thought it ideal to start a bullet journal in 2017. I’ve been curating quite a few playlists as such, and really wish I had a way to old school way to burn some mixed CDs, instead of just uploading them with iTunes. Thoughts?

Anyway, this particular list of fire, which is actually much much longer than I am sharing here, has punched me right in the feels one too many times, so I thought I would share. These are the songs from my late teens/early 20s that were the essential “oh snap, that’s my jam” tunes of the times. The songs that flash you back to scene parties, underground acoustic sessions, backseat car makeouts, and rainy days at Warped Tour. Who’s with me?! *in no particular order*

1. “The Taste of Ink” — The Used


2. “Me and the Moon” — Something Corporate


3. “Work” — Jimmy Eat World


4. “Ocean Avenue” — Yellowcard


5. “If I Told You This Was Killing Me Would You Stop?” — The Juliana Theory


6. “Dressed to Kill” — New Found Glory


7. “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows” — Brand New


8. “A Decade Under the Influence” — Taking Back Sunday


9. “Blue and Yellow” — The Used


10. “Hands Down” — Dashboard Confessional


11. “Down” — Something Corporate


12. “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” — My Chemical Romance

Okay, who else has the feelsies?! What are some of your faves you are adding to the mix tape? Let me know in the comments ✌🏻


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