Chanel Couture: Spring 2017

Designer mastermind, Karl Lagerfeld, drew in quite the crowd when he hosted the Spring 2017 Chanel Couture fashion show at Paris’s Grand Palais Room. The venue was transformed with lines of mirrors to mimic Coco Chanel’s Paris atelier, a nod to interior designer Syrie Maugham, who was quite the icon in the 1920’s.

The classic Chanel suit was receiving an elevated treatment with soft pastels partnered with wide belts, as models all graced the runway in holographic heels and pearl anklets.


The Jacqueline Kennedy inspiration was definitely palpable thanks to matching hats and rounder silhouettes. Of course, the glamour ran deep and there was not a want for sparkle as the show progressed.

The wide belt theme carried through the course of the show, and when models weren’t clad in iridescent pumps, they were strutting in knee high embellished boots that sparkled brilliantly against the mirrored set.

Sparkle and feathers galore were key notes when it came to evening wear, and appearances by Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid were amongst the most notable highlights.


Kendall’s look had to be my favorite from the show, but since I am such a huge fan of texture and aesthetic when it comes to fashion, I was far from disappointed with this presentation.

The cotton candy aesthetic was indeed dreamy, as most evidently seen in the blushing pink wedding gown that Lily Rose Depp wore to close the show.

Karl Lagerfeld, and the Chanel brand, are never to be outdone, and this sweet and dreamy show is only proof of his spot-on vision for the brand’s future. I’m labeling this vibe Parisian Candy, and I can’t wait to see how these looks translate to the red carpet this year.


*all photos via Wireimage and Getty.


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