Lip Monthly: January 2017

The January 2017 Lip Monthly bag is here, swatched, sampled, and first impressions are ready to be discussed. Following up from last month’s experience, I will sat that this month’s delivery went quite smoothly. I received my tracking number and bag right on time, and to top things off it was a great bag, as they had promised it would be. Granted, this is only my third bag, but it was the best one yet; so, are we looking at a third times the charm here, or is this a three and done sort of deal? I will let you know what I;m thinking when we see next month’s gems. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves; we have some amazing products to discuss! A few things to keep in mind: With Lip Monthly youget 4-5  full-sized products every month. This month’s bag retails for $67.95, and I only paid the 12$ monthly subscription fee. If you are considering joining and testing out the experience for yourself, go ahead and visit their site as there are always great introductory offers for new members. This month I was able to customize two of my colors, so here is what my bag included this time around:


1. Hola Neon Velvet Liquid Lipstick
One thing I love about subscription services is that even someone who works in the industry, as I do, can discover a new brand from time to time, and this was the case for me with Hola Neon. Can I just say that I am hooked after trying this lipstick?! The shade I received is called ‘Winter is Coming’. I mean, you had me at hola, Hola Neon, but this GoT shoutout is aces.(Colors are all swatched below) This is a beautiful deep plum burgundy shade with a matte finish. It goes on smooth, and is not as  drying as some other liquid lipsticks can be. The lasting power is also out of this world, so there is so much good going on here. Let me justthrow one more little tidbit of love at you, this brand is cruelty free. Done. Go check them out at, and use code HNxLM to get 30% off your order. Go, go no! Well, finish reading through this post first, and then be on your way.


2. Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Lipstick
Another new brand y’all; the hits just keep coming, and my coffee seems to be fully kicked in! This lipstick actually has a primer built in to the formula, which helps increase it’s staying power. The finish on this one is semi-matte, and the color I receieved is ‘Karma’, a classic cherry red shade, and, you guys, this is also a cruelty-free brand. Visit them over at to check out all of their products.


3. Lord & Berry Vogue Crayon Lipstick
Lord & Berry is a familiar brand, but a great brand none the less from what I have tried. This time I had opportunity to try their Vogue Crayon Lipstick. It goes on super smooth, and quite pigmented. I do, however, feel like it smudges quite easily (downside), but it does stain your lips with a kiss of color so that you can’t smudge away all of the color (upside). I received the shade ‘Black Red’,  which reminds me of a yummy black cherry tone. You can learn more about this brand on their website at


4. Jelly Pong Pong Liptensity Hydrating Lip Gloss
You guys, I have loved Jelly Pong Pong for a while now. Their products are amazing, and their packaging and story just has the most adorable asethetic. This Liptensity is no exception. This vegan gloss is a thick formula that hydrates your lips, without being sticky!! HIgh fives all around for a non-sticky gloss! Lips stay feeling hydrated and smooth thanks to sweet almond oil, and you can wear it alone  or use to top off your favorite lip shade for a more bold, intense effect; possibilities are endless in this game. I received the shade ‘Necessity’, a lovely purple-pink candy shade. Go explore all ofthe fun on, and then thank me later.


What lip products are you loving as we kick off 2017?? If you are familiar with any of the brands we just talked about I’d love to hear what some of your other favorite products are from them. Check out the swatches for everything mentioned below, and make sure to follow me on the ‘Gram at @dinos.and.dogwood xx



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