Top Ten: the Choker Trend

The resurgence of the choker trend has been holding steady for a year now, and isn’t really showing signs of slowing down just yet. I was skeptical about trying this out. I mean, the last time I wore one I was probably 13 years of and had got it out of the gumball machine for 50 cents. Long story short, on a typical day when I’m out and about, I am probably wearing a choker. I am loving the nostalgic vibe coupled with more modern elements.

If you think that you can’t join in on this one, well, I am here to tell you that you’re wrong! There are so many styles and options available, that there is really something for everyone at every age. Thanks to brands like Forever 21 this is also a super affordable trend. In today’s post I have curated my Top 10 choker looks, courtesy of F21, all for UNDER 7$. You’re welcome. (* all photos via Forever 21)


The lariat style is one that is becoming increasingly popular. Think, bolo tie, but delicate and pretty. They are often made of faux suede/leather, and can include small decorative embellishments. 5.90$

If this one looks familiar it’s because nostalgia is staring you in the face. Save your gumball machine money and try this tattoo choker by F21. The larger width is a great update for the trend. 3.90$



This is the style I tend to wear most frequently; the single velvet ribbon. You can also wear two of these at once for a slight variance in look. Black is the most common option, but other colors are showing up all the time. 2.90$


With this look here you are basically getting two trending elements in one; the crochet choker look, and also the single dangling embellishment. The delicate arrow head is a simple, yet effective, style statement that doesn’t overwhelm. 6.90$

This is, perhaps, a more bolder option, but still super pretty. Actually, if you’re into YouTube beauty vids, if you’ve probably seen a lot of gurus rocking this look. The lace-up velvet is a great way to add a little bit of drama to your dress. 5.90$

If you are into the tattoo choker look,but maybe not the feel of the usual construction, then a crochet choker is a great alternative. 3.90$

If you’re not into the velvet look, then go ahead and try something in faux leather. This layered piece is further elevated by it’s burgundy wine color, bringing something a little unexpected to the table.  3.90$

The self-tie choker is yet another option. Basically, it’s one long strand, usually of velvet, that you can wrap and tie at your own leisure; however you feel comfortable. I love this option in the mint color pictured, as it lends a slightly softer vibe. 4.90$

Mixed materials is a fun way to really take things next level. One piece that features both faux leather or velvet and a metal element, either silver or gold, not only keeps to trend, but also adds some edge to your look. 6.90$


If you really aren’t into all of the velvet and faux leather, then go full on metal with your look. I really like that this one features little geometric cutouts, as it lightens up the look and takes away any extra heaviness. 5.90$

If this is a trend you’re on board with, what are your favorite ways to style it? Drop your photos and comments to share the love.

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