Review: Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

Oh yes, we are talking about the infamous Kylie Jenner Lip Kit today. I have, admittedly, always wanted to try one out and my opportunity came when my mom actually gifted me one of her lip glosses for Christmas that actually came with a free holiday lip kit with purchase; that’s a rad deal considering their cost. The shade is called Merry and it’s a pretty metal berry shade, including the lip liner and the metal liquid lipstick, which I will swatch below.

Let’s talk first impressions then. I lined and filled my lips with the liner and then applied the liquid lipstick over. Once it was dry, I applied just a little bit more to fill in any patchier areas that were more noticeable once it was dry. I actually loved the look and the fact that I did get a good 12 hours + out of the coverage; like, the new formula has great lasting power, even with eating, drinking, and what have you. About halfway into the wear I was really feeling the drying effects of a liquid lipstick so,  if you do have dry lips or are prone to getting them, then you really need to make sure that you are very moisturized prior to any initial application of the product.

I strongly recommend lining and filling in your lips with the liner, so that if you are so dry that you get patchy you have that base coat of the same color underneath to make any flaws less noticeable. The first time I wore this I got especially dry, probably due to not moisturizing enough to start with, and since I am a nervous biter I actually ended up biting off some of the dry skin from my bottom lip (I know, ew). However, it actually proved to be quite informative and telling of the lipstick’s staying power because even after removing all of my makeup, and scrubbing quite vigorously on my lips, some areas of my lips were still holding on to the lip pigment. You gots to work to get this stuff completely off. Is that a good or bad thing? You tell me.

Everyone is continuing to have the debate on whether or not this is worth the price. I will say this: These lip kits or more of a brand, and not so much of a product based thing if you ask me. We all know by now, after ridiculously deep exploration, that Kylie Cosmetics IS a sister company to Colour Pop Cosmetics, so yes, you definitely can get highly comparative products much cheaper through the Colour Pop name. If; however, you want to specifically sign on to the Kylie Jenner brand then, yes, you are going to have to shell out what they’re asking for. Is it a bad product? Absolutely not (and I’m speaking having never tried any of the initial inventory). Can you get similar products at a more affordable price? Yes, but that’s with most anything.

To wrap things up:


  • Color payout
  • Longevity
  • Brand 
  • Sister company association


  • Drying time of the product
  • Can be drying to your lips
  • Cost
  • Availability of certain shades

If you’ve tried the lip kit out for yourself, I would love to hear your thoughts! Comment on this post to share 💋


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