The Bullet Journal Struggle

This was definitely not a planned post, and I even contemplated not even posting because in the grand scope of things this is of no importance, but I thought some of you may be able to lend some creative advice.

I do not often get perplexed creatively, but when I do it is unbearable for some reason. I feel like I am constantly fighting my need to achieve my own set personal levels of perfection. I cannot stand to be creatively stifled, and I definitely hate the feeling that something doesn’t look good enough. After watching the trend of the bullet journal dominate Pinterest, I decided 2017 would be the year for me to start my own. I crave creative distractions and organization made less stressful, so o thought this would be an ideal solution. It took me visiting a few stores, but I finally picked up this hardback journal for less than 5$ at one of our local Β discount stores.

Since “create” is one of my key words for the new year, I thought this was a perfect find. I took to my Pinterest board and took inspiration for layouts, list ideas, what have you. I got as far ad my title page before me OCD (truly diagnosed, not used in an ironic sense) began twinging.

Before I knew it I was about 20 pages in, of both single and 2-page layouts, and I was happy with maybe 4 of those pages. My inner voice wants to tear everything out and start again, and truthfully I might. I decided to press on, but looking back at the pages I am not happy with is making me cringe. I think part of the reason is I opted to do a lot of freehand work, as is my inclination with most projects, and it worked against me this time.

Part of me wrote this up as means to quell my disdain with my own work, even though the journal is for personal use only. However, I think the only way I will get over it is to start again. Has anyone else gotten waist deep into a project only to be unsatisfied and start over. I’m curious to know how all of my fellow creatives handle persona defeat. Also, if you billet journal, do you have a favorite piece of advice or go to layout you turn to? What are some of your favorite artistic elements/headers/fonts to play with? For some people being creative is a break from everything else, but I think I need a break from the creative, which, let’s face it, is probably not possible. Share your experiences and faves in the comments!


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