Lip Monthly: December 2016

I know, I know. It’s 2017, so why am I still posting about 2016. Well, this was my second month receiving the Lip Monthly bag, and I am still getting a hang of how they ship out. I didn’t receive a tracking number for my December bag, and it got here about a week late; right before Christmas. I did make it on their site in time to customize my colors; which I was able to choose for one of the products for December. Since this was only my second bag, I’m still on the fence with my overall opinion. I am lip product obsessed, but I will decide for sure with the next bag or so if it’s worth continuing with this particular subscription.

Here’s a look at the 4 full-sized products I received for December:

1. Chapstick Total Hydration Lip Scrub
This was probably my favorite product in the bag, actually. I’ve been needing a good lip scrub since I’ve run out of my favorite Victoria’s Secret one. This scrub, by Chapstick, is a gentle sugar-based scrub meant to exfoliate and condition your lips so that they are soft and smooth. In addition to sugar crystals, the scrub contains coconut oil, shea butter, Maracuja, and Vitamin E. I had pretty immediate results after following application instructions, and the peppermint flavor was a total bonus, adding a refreshing feeling to the treatment. I definitely give this one a gold star, and you can pick up at places like Target for about 5$.

2. Crazy Rumours Hibiskiss Flavored Lip Color
This is a tinted lip balm from the vegan brand Crazy Rumours. It’s an all natural lip balm with a natural hibiscus flavor. I received the shade Breeze, which they describe as a medium golden-brown with berry undertones (swatched below). This is not a product I would normally go out and pick up on my own, but all and all, after trying it out I wasn’t disappointed. The combination of natural ingredients, including olive oil, shea butter, and macadamia seed oil left my lips feeling quite hydrated and luscious even. It is a thicker product, compared to something like an eos balm, which I typically use. While I may not make a concentrated effort to buy this one again, I will definitely use this while I do have it on hand. I’m not crazy about the hibiscus scent, but since it is quite light it is pretty forgiveable.

3. Cougar Beauty Natural Lipstick
This was a new brand for me, so I was definitely curious to try it out. It is a UK brand, and their big statement is that they are a mineral makeup company. The natural lipsticks are a hydrating formula that boasts a buildable color payout. I found that it was a hydrating formula, and it does start off with a light wash of color. I was able to build it pretty deep, but I feel that this is a product that you really have to top with a gloss in a similar shade to get a really bold, luxe appearance, which is fine, but it was the longevity of the application I took issue with. I prefer lip colors that stay rich for an extended amount of time, but it seemed that this particular one was easily smeared and transferred, which can be problematic for sure. I received the shade Sangira, which I will show swatched below.

4. City Color Lip Gloss with Argan Oil
City Color is a familiar face, especially if you’ve ever dabbled in subscription beauty boxes. This round I received their Lip Gloss with Argan Oil, which is supposed to make the gloss smoother and more moisturizing. When you apply the gloss you can definitely smell the argan oil, and it does give quite a smooth finish. It was not as hydrating as I thought it would be, but it also was not sticky, which is a huge plus in there Lip gloss game. I received the shade Prom Queen, which is included in the swatches below. Bonus about City Color, so they are a cruelty-free brand so slap a gold star on them for that.

I will have to say, what I do appreciate about Lip Monthly, so far, is that all of the products you receive can be worn in tandem with one another, or by themselves. They claim they are making their January 2017 bag their best ever, so we will be seeing about that. *fingers crossed* ✌🏻


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