Top 10: 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 

So, here I sit, writing this post from somewhat of a bitter place. No, no, nothing to do with the VS Angels. I had actually spent a good part of my morning writing up a recap blog post for last night’s sexiest night on television, and I don’t know quite what happened, but as I was nearing he end of the quote extensive post everything got deleted! I tried multiple ways to recover but to no avail. I can not find it within myself to type out all of my witty observations and intricate detailed, much like last night’s looks, dialogue.

I will say that the performers were amazing: Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and The Weeknd, and the vignettes for the show were The Road Ahead (rich, exotic color and textures), Mountain Romance (Norwegian inspired florals and embroidery), Pink Nation (metallics and signature graphics), Secret Angel (think secret agents with lace and cut-outs), Dark Angel (black lace), and Bright Night Angel (lots of glitter and sparkle). So, without further adieu, I present to you my top ten looks, in no particular order, from the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris:

*note, I do not own rights to any of the photos below. 

1. Adriana Lima in Secret Angels.

2. Irina Shayk in Secret Angels. Rumor has it she is actually pregnant here!

3. Joan Smalls in The Road Ahead. Thigh-high boots for the win this year, right?!

4. Jasmine Tookes in the 3 million $ fantasy bra, designed this year by Eddie Borgo.

5. Bella Hadid in Secret Angels. This was Bella’s first year walking in the show, and yeah, there’s obviously still a little something between her and The Weeknd.

6. Kelly Gale in Mountain Romance.

7. Romee Strijd in Mountain Romance. If sexy Norwegian and Boho had a baby I’m pretty sure this would be it.

8. Barbara Fialho in Dark Angels.

9. Romee Strijd in Bright Night Angel.

10. Josephine Skriver in Bright Night Angel. Yasss to that fringe!

It was a fun night, right. I did, however miss that they didn’t do a more extensive look into this year’s holiday commercial, and they really didn’t go into much detail about the Fantasy Bra (unless I totally for some reason wasn’t paying attention). With so many new modern heights being reached, especially when looking at the new constructions of the wings, it only makes me wonder what designs we will see in 2017.


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