Lip Monthly: November 2016

I haven’t been a part of a beauty subscription box for a while now, but when I heard about Lip Monthly my interest was definitely peaked. I am such a lip junkie that the idea of having 4-5 full-sized lip products delivered to my door sounded like quite the golden ticket. It costs 12.95$ a month, but with the promo they were running when I signed up at the end of October, I was able to get my first bag for 5$!! (use code: LIPLOVER)

On the first of every month you are able to log on to your account and customize products you will receive, but I totally forgot to do that for November, so here’s a look at what they sent me, including the cute little bag it all came in (reminiscent of ipsy, if you’re familiar with them).

Nessie didn’t come with the bag, she just wanted the attention.

I was expecting all lip products so seeing the Freeze 24-7 Anti-aging Eye Serum threw me off, with this being my first bag and all, but hey, who am I to shun any thing anti-aging. It is a cruelty-free, dermatology tested formula that is supposed to diminish fine lines, reduce appearance of dark circles, and instantly tone and cool. I don’t have horrible under eye issues right now, but this can still be used as a preventive thanks to a patent-pending age reversal technology that Freeze 24-7 has created. I did feel the cooling sensation, but it was my anuthing jarring, just a very subtle cool feeling. The formula is lightweight and has no fragrance so it isn’t irritating in those regards. This was just a sample size, but when I looked up to read more about it I saw that 0.5oz supply can cost upwards of $115!!

The next product I received was the Ofra Lip Liner in Wine. Ofra is not a new brand for me, but I couldn’t recall whether I had used their lip liner before or not. It’s a water-proof liner made from a synthetic beeswax base so it goes on smooth and feels soft. They even offer the versatility of doubling as eye liners, per suggestion of Ofra, since they are great for sensitive areas. I received the shade Wine, which I will swatch below, and it a nice neutral wine shade that would work for quite a few lip looks. It does go on nice and smooth, and it did linger behind after I initially wiped the swatches from my hand, so that’s a plus. The Ofra lip liners are 13$ and you can check them out at

Also in my bag was a Hikari Lip Crayon in Macchiato. I have been a Hikari fan for a while now, so anytime I receive their stuff I know it’s going to be good. It’s a buildable product, so you can go as opaque or as bold as you’d like. It goes on smooth and doesn’t feel cake-y when applied. I received the shade Macchiato, a warm rusty tan shade, great for a more subdued bold lip. The lip crayons retail for 13$ and are available at

The final product I received was the Luna Lip Gloss in Titania. This is a shimmery copper shade that would easily complement a variety of holiday looks this season. The big plus for this one is that it is not sticky with application, like many glosses tend to be. It retails for 22$ so this was definitely a deal in the bag.

I did swatch the three lip products, as well. Also, Lip Monthly sends you a little inventory card that breaks down the retail value of your bag. Retail for my November bag would have been 98$, but I paid only 5$!

I can’t wait to see what my December bag includes, when I actually get to attempt to customize my bag a little bit more on the 1st. Have you tried Lip Monthly?? Interested? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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