Review: Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb

I am doing my best not to neglect my little blog while the holidays are closing in on us! I thought a great way to keep up with things would be to give a little review of a product I just had the opportunity to try: Garnier SkinActive’s Moisture Bomb; the antioxidant super moisturizer.

When I first received this little guy I will admit I was a little skeptical as I’ve been in quite the regimented skin routine lately, but also excited because there are a few other Garnier products I already love. I decided a great way to gauge some initial thoughts would be to apply the Moisture Bomb to half of my face, and my current prestige Moisturizer to the other half. Instantly, I was in love with Moisture Bomb!

It was so lightweight, more so than my current moisturizer, and had a very light scent thanks to the pomegranate in the formula. It also absorbed a lot faster into my skin for that instant rush of hydration, without leaving my skin feeling tacky or with residual residue. My skin was already feeling soft and was showing that healthy glow we all covet.

Throughout the day, beneath my full face of makeup, my skin continued to feel soft and hydrated, which is a definite hallmark of a great moisturizing product. I also really appreciated that the Moisture Bomb contained SPF 30, whereas my current higher end product only boasted SPF 15; skin protection for the win, you guys!

Of course there are other great benefits in the Moisture Bomb formula that allow it to be on such even keel with it’s high end counterparts, such as Hyaluronic acid, Goji Berry, Pomegranate, and Vitamins C + E. Β I said before that Garnier had a few other products I already fancied, so it speaks volume that such a mm affordable line can hold its own next to high end lines, if not surpass them completely!

This is definitely one product I will be happy to incorporate into my routine. They also make a Moisture Bomb gel-cream that I think I need to get my hands on! For more information, get yourself to the store now, or visit them online at ✌🏻️


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