Hayley Orrantia: Mint to Standout

As the weekend reaches it’s end (and let’s be real, that whole setting the clocks back thing is Mother Nature’s version of a dad joke), I thought I would also bring to conclusion my posts about CMA fashion. I really had to share this fairytale-esque gown that Hayley Orrantia wore:

I am a huge The Goldbergs fan (and unashamedly admit that Beverly Goldberg is my everything), but this look is such a grand departure from Hayley’s character of Erica Goldberg that I almost didn’t recognize home girl!

This was probably the standout look of the night for me; and I know that a lot of fashion critics were less than impressed with the billowing mint ruffles of the skirt, but I loved it; it was grand and whimsical! This dress came from designer Hayley Paige, and it is such ideal eye candy.

I love the embellishment of  floral pattern of the deep-V top, especially the pops of the deeper, more burgundy flowers in the pattern, which Hayley O. made all the more luscious with her dramatically bold, and beautiful, burgundy-wine lip.

Back to this dress, though. The different textures flowing through the skirt alone… I would love to be her fluffer on the red carpet and get my hands in it. While this may not be a look we can al rush to try and home in it’s entirety, we can certainly take some cues such as pairing mint with floral, and, of course, that boldly divine lip! 🌸💋


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