Halloween 2016 Recap

I have always loved Halloween, but more so now that I have my son. He is only 19 months, so this was his second ever experience with the festivities, but the look of merriment on his face is so priceless!

This year, just as last, Jude and his cousins (who are 8 and almost-4) all dressed up within the same theme. Last year they channeled 101 Dalmatians, but this year we tackled Peter Pan:

Jude was Tick Tock Croc, Jordan was Captain Hook, and Jadynn was our resident Tinkerbelle for the evening. We were in love with the end result!

As usual, I DIY-ed most of Jadynn’s costume, complete with woodland inspired wrap, pom-pom glitter flats (shoutout to mod podge + E6000), and light up tutu!!:

Seriously though, the amount of compliments she got from kids and adults alike just made me hear happy! Sh wasn’t the only one embracing her character though. Check out Jordan’s Arrrghhhhh pirate face:

You would never guess this sweet little hook-handed fiend was hospitalized with a strong virus last week (including a day in PICU). We were so glad he had a great recovery in time to get his trick-or-treat on!

Now, of course I have to show off my lotyl baby some more! When his dad carried him down the hallway last night in his full costume, complete with little clock, I was full-on giddy. We debated dressing him up as Peter Pan, but thought that was borderline overdone with toddlers, so we wanted to be a tad unexpected with the theme, hence Tick Tock:

Okay, twist my arm, one more!:

If you caught a glimpse in some of the above photos of the chalkboard and painted pumpkins, I am such a sucker for details, from Tink’s pom-pom shoes to Tick Tock’s clock. I handlettered our chalkboard last minute with a little Peter Pan quote, and was quite happy with it as a bonus detail to our theme:

I had also decided that I would hand paint some additional characters onto pumpkins this year, to give them a presence for pictures sake. Here we have Peter, Mister Smee, and Hook’s ship:

We have already said we do not know how we will too it all next year for our baby squad. We really just hope we can wrangle them all into another group costume! They had so much fun last ight and that was worth every DIY and hand stitch. The weather was perfect for the season, nice and cool with a sky full of stars, and the neighborhood we were I was filled with costumed kids and houses pulling out all if the stops; the vibe was definitely right.

Now that we are into November I can’t wait to share a few more DIY’s on here, including some yummy recipes that we are loving over here! Make sure you are following on Instagram; that’s where I share details, Mom life, and professional portfolio work: @jacquelinecxo.

I will end by letting you in on a little secret. I know everyone thinks, thanks to Peter Pan, that Hook and Tick Tock have a rather tumultuous relationship. Truth is, they are best of buds, and I have the photo to prove it:

Happy Fall Y’all!! 🍂


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