Margot Robbie: Unicorns Do Exist

Is anyone else excited for Suicide Squad this weekend?! Yes! While the rest of the world, seemingly, was tuned in to The Bachelorette finale last night (myself included; more on that later) stars of the film turned out at the Beacon Theatre in New York City for a world premiere screening. Margot Robbie, of course, is already being praised for her role as Harley Quinn, buy today we are giving her shout outs of praise for showing us that, yes, unicorns do exists and they are right on trend:

Magical doesn’t even begin to describe how Margot looks in this gown by Alexander McQueen (Fall 2016 collection). Obviously the eye is firstly drawn in to the gold sequined unicorn design that fills up half of the dress, even extending to the back:

Yes to attention to detail. Yes to overall design. Yes to the high whimsical impact it all offers. The unicorn element may pack the biggest punch as far as eye candy goes, but the high neck and sheer sleeves elevate the glamour of the overall look. If ever a unicorn could be referred to as fierce, this is the time, you guys.

Margot completed the look with a loose low bun and a perfectly bold burgundy lip; showstopping from every angle 🦄


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