The Bachelorette: Thoughts on JoJo’s Season


            I have refrained from doing weekly Bachelorette  posts this season as I knew, coming off of Ben’s season, I was going to be too excitable to gather my thoughts in an orderly fashion. I have been live-tweeting though! If you are about that life then join me on Monday nights (@jacquelinecxo).All of that being said, I can be silent no more. Next Monday the finale airs and I have some thoughts and feelings on JoJo’s final two men that I just need to get out there on the table in preparation. So, after that awkward fantasy suite send-off of Chase last night (and really, I thought Chase would have been sent home before Luke),we know that her final two are former competitive swimmer Robby Hayes, and formal NFL player Jordan Rodgers.

          Let’s talk about Robby first:


This cat right here, oh man. The scandal hanging over Robby’s head this season was the whole issue of whether or not he broke up with his former girlfriend just to be on the show. This did not sit well with a lot of people, but it’s not necessarily what raised red flags for me. What bothers me about Robby is that he’s too suave for his own good. His hair. His hair, it haunts me. It never moves, ever. I just don’t understand what goes into a coif such as this. It almost creeps me out because I have realized that whenever he is on camera that’s where my eyes divert to first. I don’t know. Does anyone else take issue with his too-groomed nature?? I’m not saying it’s a bad quality to possess, I am just saying that it holds a lot of my attention. On more of a plus side, I do actually believe that he does love JoJo; I get that vibe.


         Jordan Rodgers. My emotions have been absolutely all over the place with this guy. I totally get why JoJo gave him the first impression rose. He is gorgeous, no doubt I give him that much, and that smile,talking all smooth, is definitely swoon worthy. As the season played on, all the rumors flared up that he was only on the show to boost his own celebrity status, and it pretty much changed things in a way. It’s almost like his beautiful smile became one big potential lie. Let me back up for a second though and say, I was totally Team Jordan, I am just so afraid that the rumors with this one will be true. Jordan Rogers, they better not be true!! I want him to love JoJo because I can see that she is absolutely smitten with the dude,and they look like a little slice of perfection together. On paper it is all legit, as long as the rumors hold no validity.

          Taking a few more steps backwards, looking at the men JoJo has thus far sent home, there is much chatter that JoJo is so horrible and careless in her treatment of the guys when it gets time for them to pack their bags. People have gone as far as saying she is heartless in her treatment of such sensitive situations. Let me just take a moment to comment on this. JoJo continually admits that she has no idea how to do what she is doing. I mean, it certainly is not the norm to be put in such a temporarily polygamous position. It cannot be easy. I mean, how many times have we heard home girl say she was sick to her stomach over things?! To call her heartless, though?! I feel like the Bachelorette always gets a lot of flack; remember when Kaitlin Bristowe was getting so much crap with the Nick V. situation?! I love JoJo, and I really,sincerely, hope this show leaves her in an incredibly good place.

          Looking ahead to next week’s finale, I just want to put my thoughts and predictions out there, so let me know what you, Bachelor Nation, are likewise thinking: I think that after receiving proposals from both Robby and Jordan, she will pick Jordan. Now,my concern with this is that the rumors involving Jordan will hold some element of truth, leaving JoJo single again by the time After the Final Rose airs. I do not want this to be the case, by any means; I really hope I am wrong in that regard. It would just be awful if she did let go of Robby, or even Luke or Chase, all because a risk she took for love fell short. On that note, I am curious to see what her brothers have to say about the final two suitors when they guys meet her family on the show next week. What do you guys think?? Who is she going to pick, and will they ultimately walk down the aisle??

          While we are at it, let’s make one more prediction…who do you think will be cast as the next Bachelor?? There’s a lot of name dropping of both Luke and Chase, but I am feeling Luke as the next bachelor,especially after seeing the conversation between him and Chris Harrison on the Men Tell All episode earlier tonight.

          Make sure you tune in to ABC next Monday night when JoJo gives out her final rose in Thailand, where all of our questions will hopefully be answered!


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