Life With Jude: 16 Months

You guys. My kid is 16 months today, meaning he is practically a grown man and I do not know what to do with myself. Our summer days are extra crazy with my niece (8) and nephew (3) hanging out with us, and even though I often question what I signed up for, I never question that these are the best days. Add in my own work, my husband’s crazy work schedule, and a dog or two and we have our hands full. Good thing is, our hearts are also full so there is a sweet balance in the mix somewhere!

Jude and his cousins.

At last month’s 15 month appointment Mista Jude was tipping the scales at nearly 24 pounds, and measuring at 33 inches long (only about 3 inches shorter than his cousin Jordan, who’s 3!). He currently has 6 teeth with more on the way!

Although he prefers to babble on and on, his vocabulary is ever expanding: hey, hi, bye-bye, dad, mama, pa-pa,nana, say cheese, no, and baby to name just a few. He loves just about all foods, but isn’t crazy about tomatoes and is picky about when he will eat fruit. He loves to play and explore the house, and has started walking short spurts on his own. 

Jeopardy is still his favorite jam on television, but he is also crazy about Wally Kazam, Bubble Guppies, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and the occasional Peppa Pig. He still loves to be sung to, and held to get settled for a nap, otherwise he wants down to explore at his leisure. Basically, I’m just as obsessed with him as always even though he’s gained quite a little independent streak.

I always say this, but being a mom is the most extraordinary gift I could have ever been given. I do not see how people take this privilege so lightly. This little boy is the driving force for every other thing in my life. I would cease to exist without this face:

We at loving adventure this summer! Jude is such a water baby so he loves to play outside in his little pool and water table, or spend some extra time at the splash pad whenever we go to Busch Gardens. We can’t wait to see how he gets along with sand at the beach next month. I’m sure he will try to eat it, but I bet he will love it!

What are some of your fave summer activities to do with your littles?! Any traditions from your own childhood you want to carry over?? ☀️


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