Summer is Coming

I am horrible at blogging and I am 100% okay with that. I have content for days in my head: DIYs, fashion commentary, recipes, beauty reviews, etc; it’s the typing and editing of a post that I struggle with. I have immense focus though…on the kid.

I am at this stage where I feel like he is growing up way too fast, and right before my eyes at that. Maybe it’s because I struggled with infertility and my pregnancy and birth experience still utterly amaze me; maybe I am a smother mother in the making…whatever the reason may be, my kid fascinates me and he’s only 14 months old! I have posts for this blog all planned out and then, bam, it’s a week later and crickets are chirping over her at

Is this an apology? Yes and no. I am sorry to my tiny fan base that content has been inconsistent, but I am not sorry that my obsession (healthy obsession, to clarify) with my little guy has been goals AF. I will also add that I am really bad about merging my personal life into social media, but I am working on it. I want to share, but not overshare and it can be quite the balancing act. I am so excited for the summer and seeing my sweet Jude experience it all. He was only going on 3 months this time last year, which is crazy to think about!

I see the mom bloggers that do it all, I see you, heyyyy! I want to know how you balance everything on your plate and still feel sane! Maybe you don’t feel sane, maybe accomplished is more in line with the end of the day feeling you feel washed over with. I’ve been called a Pinterest mom before, and in my own head I simply brush my shoulders off in a Jay-Z-esque fashion and enjoy the high of the ego boost. At the end of the day I just want everyone to think I have done a good job; that my creativity knew no bounds, and that my mama status was fire! #slay

Join me this summer as I continue to learn how to be a formidable balancing act and create sweet memories that will hopefully inspire ☀️

Strawberry Picking @ Wood’s Orchard


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