DIY: Mr. Kate Inspired Feather Lamp

I have mentioned recently that as my brand evolves I am excited to bring to you some of the things that inspire me. I have been into DIY for a while, but have always been reluctant to share, for whatever reason. When I was in a sort of rut creatively, coming off of the high of designing + decorating my son’s nursery, I ordered the book A Hot Glue Gun Mess by Kate Albrecht, or as she’s better known, Mr. Kate. If you do not already know who she is, then I urge you to hit up your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, what have you, and take your very own Mr. Kate crash course and become equally as smitten as I. In her book, Mr. Kate had a small blurb about using feathers to revamp a lampshade into something bohemian and magical (note: to see her original transformation + other amazing DIY projects and stories reaming with hilarity, head over to and pick up the book!!).

Here is my version of the feather lamp:


Are you in love yet?!! Mr. Kate’s version called for the use of fishing line or thin wire to attach the feathers, but I wanted something with a tad more edge, especially since I was using white feathers, so I opted for some jewelry chain instead. Here’s what I used to create this look:

IMG_18981. A copy of A Hot Glue Gun Mess by Mr. Kate (for her original design and commentary)
2. An old lamp shade with metal supports
3. Feathers (I purchased mine at A.C.Moore)
4. 72in/182.88cm Metal Chain (A.C.Moore)
5. 6mm Split Rings (A.C. Moore)
6. Scissors
7. Needle Nose Pliers
8. Wire Cutters


1. First, you will need to remove the shade material from the underlying metal supports, or “bones”; using the scissors for help if necessary.
IMG_1899As you can see, my lampshade’s metal support was not in one complete piece after removing the actual shade. I had to get a little creatively resourceful with this, so I opted to use some of the split rings and chain to attach the two pieces, giving it a sort of floating effect.

2.Using split rings and chain, create strands to attach feathers at desired lengths. note: use your wire cutters to cut chain lengths, and your needle nose pliers to loosen and tighten split rings as needed.

3. Keep adding strands of feathers of various lengths around the perimeter of the shade support:

4. Add as many, or as few, chains as you would like, until the desired effect is achieved:

Such an easy + inexpensive DIY fix to add a little touch of romance and whimsy into any room! Although I photographed my finished look on a side table in my living room, I have since moved my feather lamp into my bedroom; we had just painted the walls in there dark grey,so the white feathers are a great contrast and pop of softer texture next to the bed. This was such a fun project for me because it is one I had my mind on for a while, so to watch it come to fruition as I put it together felt like quite an accomplishment!!


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