Bachelor Thoughts: Season 20 Final Rose + Announcement

Did you watch?! Well, even if you didn’t you know that Ben proposed to Lauren on last night’s Bachelor finale. Although I called this (see previous posts), it all played out quite differently from how I predicted it would play out.

Thanks to previews for episodes each week, I had it in my head that the final rose ceremony was going to be quite dramatic in that Ben would send Lauren home, prepare to propose to JoJo, then realize he was making a mistake and call Lauren back. This came to be my hypothesis thanks to one particular episode preview where Ben was on the phone and a female, whom I presumed to be Lauren B., answered with a hello. Yes, I fell for the audio manipulation that is oh so common with this show. Amateur mistake! I am better than that! Ben was on the phone; with Lauren’s dad, to ask for her hand. When JoJo was the first to see Ben on proposal day I knew my storyline had holes in it, and for a little bit I was convinced it was JoJo that was going to win this, if my previous hypothesis was still going to pan out in some way.

I have never been able to firmly be Team JoJo or Team Lauren, I have always liked them both, so I get it Ben, you fell in love with both of them. I do think that Ben threw the I love you‘s around way too much knowing that he had to break one girl’s heart, and blindside her (as the word is used ad nauseum on this show). I did come out of Ben’s season having cursed at my television more than ever. Dammit, Ben Higgins!

Ben’s proposal to Lauren was sweet as pie, as one would expect. They are quite lovely together and all the happiness in the world is wished unto them! My favorite news that was announced last night, though, was the announcement of the next season’s Bacheleorette.

The new Bachelorette to grace our screen and cause a Twitter viewing party frenzy….


Yass! JoJo is TheBachelorette!! Typically this position is given to the third place girl (which would have been Caila…which would mean a season of awkward silences). I am so glad that producers saw what we all still see in JoJo and I cannot wait to watch her season!! 

Thank you everyone for live tweeting the season with me and following along with my additional thoughts on here. I swear, I get so emotionally invested in these people! ABC, you certainly know what you’re doing!! 🌹


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