Bachelor Thoughts: Season 20, Episode 8

Usually I post my Bachelor thoughts shortly after the episode airs, but my feelings were so conflicted last night I pretty much had to sleep on it. If you were live tweeting along with #TheBachelorChat then you probably already know some of my feelings about Ben last night, haha. Even if you just watch the show, you know last night was the night Ben told both Lauren and JoJo that he loved them.

To mention Caila briefly: I went into last night knowing she was going home. I just felt it in my bones. Although I did feel bad for the girl that she was sent home after trying to surprise Ben with a little visit, I think we all knew that she was done…her Jamaican date was so full of awkward silences and overall boredom.

Anyway, Lauren and JoJo. I won’t go into the play-by-play since I do live tweet, but I just cannot decide if I’m more Team Lauren or Team JoJo. After Lauren and Ben’s overnight date I was actually feeling more protective of Lauren’s feelings than Ben’s. Then, the look on JoJo’s face when Ben told her he loved her…I just cannot! Look how invested we get in these people!! Damnit Ben! 

If I was giving an edge to someone, I would still hold Lauren as the girl Ben proposes to (and we know from previews that things get even more complicated during the final rose…check my earlier posts for my theory on that). I just don’t see JoJo’s family, meaning her brothers, making this easy on Ben! I love JoJo, I adore her, but Ben and Lauren have just been so head-over-heels for so long! 

Oh, and if you want my thoughts on what went down in the fantasy suites: Nothing with Caila. Nothing with Lauren. It went down with JoJo…their sexual chemistry has always been tangible and I think they were finally able to act on it.

Next week is the women tell all, but the following week we will finally know for sure. 🌹


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