Bachelor Thoughts: Season 20, Episode 8

Assuming that if you’re reading this then you’ve been watching tonight’s episode along with episode, you know that tonight were the hometown dates. I think the order we got to see them was perfectly orchestrated (of course), but also very telling.

I have always loved Amanda, she is so sweet and beautiful, and although I totally get the connection that she and Ben have, I do not see the chemistry. Also, I think that the idea of being an instant dad has got to be weighing heavily on Ben’s mind.

Lauren B. Yes. I can feel the love through the television screen. Her family visit went great and Ben’s emotions were free-flowing. I was so glad that they followed up Lauren’s visit with Caila’s, because I thought that it made it all the more obvious that there was nothing deeply special about Caila’s relationship with Ben. Her feelings just read more in line with those of puppy love.

JoJo. There was quite a bit of tension coming at Ben + JoJo in all directions! I don’t know what was up with her brothers, but they came across as absolute ass-hats, pardon my French. I feel like they aren’t ever going to make it easy on Ben.

Given how the hometown dates played out I was really wanting Caila to go home, so, alas I was s little unenthused when he sent sweet Amanda home at the rose ceremony. That being said, we are moving on to the Fantasy Suite dates next week, and it looks like we are arriving at the moment when Ben tells 2 of the girls he loves them (I’m betting Lauren + JoJo, bye Caila). I’m already kind of mad at him for doing that, dammit Ben. As per usual, we will be mentally preparing for next Monday night.

My predictions for the final 2:

1. Lauren B. 💍🌹

2. JoJo


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