Bachelor Thoughts: Season 20, Episode 7

Tonight’s episode felt rather anti-climatic, save the previews for next week, chiefly because it was rather predictable. Ben looks at Lauren with love, at JoJo with lust, and Amanda makes him crave McDonalds. Really? C’mon Bachelor, you have an endless surplus of helicopters + hot tubs and sweet Amanda gets fast food?? But, I digress.

The pivotal moment came when Emily received her first one-on-one date, which entailed meeting Ben’s parents. The minute she opened her mouth, and all of that babble poured out, I knew she was done. Ben’s mom shedding tears over concern Emily wasn’t ready to be a wife pretty much sealed the deal, but did anyone think it was a tad awkward that Ben sent her home while the other girls were watching out of the window??

Going into the rose ceremony we know that one more girl needed to go home, to make way for the Final Four going into hometown dates next week. I was crossing fingers that Caila was going home, because, you know, shady vibes, but Becca ended up without a rose. Now, earlier in the episode I made the comment on Twitter that I was “over” Becca, but that’s not to say that I don’t like the girl, you could just tell that she and Ben were on completely different pages. In follow-up to that I say make Becca the next Bachelorette. Can we please find this girl love already?! I think she’s earned it!

So the final four going into next week’s hometown dates are:

1. Lauren B

2. JoJo

3. Amanda

4. Caila

Looking ahead to the final 2, I am predicting:

1. Lauren B.

2. JoJo

With the final rose + a proposal ultimately going to:

1. Lauren B. 🌹💍

What are your thoughts +/or predictions for the weeks to come?? 🌹


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