Top 5: Luxe Home Accents

Like many couples, my husband and I have fairly different opinions when it comes to home decor, design. We are like a Venn diagram, if you will: two opposite sides that share a common overlap at some point. He tends to like things with a more rustic appeal and I, more often than not, am drawn to things that exude a subtle glamour. Well, I feel super on trend now that this rustic luxe combo is becoming more and more popular, and desired. The mix of rustic and luxe, or comfortable glamour as I say, is a perfect mesh to get the best of everything. Brick fireplaces, wooden mantles, and hardwood floors meet black and white everything, soft textures and metallic touches…making our home perfectly us.

Finding great home accents that vibe with your personalities can be overwhelming, but I wanted to share 5 essential decor pieces that can enhance your living space harmoniously.

1. Faux Fur Pillows

Faux fur, for me, is absolutely everything when it comes to decor. I love it for throw pillows because it gives a pop of texture amongst your run-of-the-mill cushions. I especially love white faux fur because of the clean, simple glamour it exudes. Plus, these guys are super comfy! Pictured is the Faux Fur Mongolian Lumbar Pillow, 35$, Pier 1.

2. Mercury Glass

Using one or two Mercury glass pieces is a great way to add a metallic pop to your living space. I love Mercury glass on my wooden mantle because it gives off just enough edge to be complimentway. You don’t want to overdo it (hey, maybe you do!) so a few key pieces like this Honeycomb Vase, 95$, Neiman Marcus, is a great way to go.

3. Faux Fur Throw

Again with the fur, right?! One of my favorite ways to accent my living room and bedroom is with a great faux fur throw. I love white because it is great contrast to my black furniture and grey bedding, but you may find that grey or soft brown works better in your space (other colors tend to look super artificial, in my opinion). You can get these throws fairly inexpensive, but the one pictured above is the White Faux Fox throw design by Tozai, 88$, Burke Decor.

4. Warm Scented Candles

I love warm scents year ’round, and nothing beats walking in to an aroma of a warm vanilla and/or amber. We have a whole cabinet of candles in our laundry room; they are also great to add pops of color and bonus fragrance notes for different holidays and celebrations. I love candles like ones by diptyque, because they are chic for any occasion in their highly-recognized packaging. Vanille Scented, 32$, Nordstrom.

5. Peonies

I love monochromatic bouquets of fresh flowers, bug when I can get my hands on peonies I am particularly happy! Peonies are just so chic and lovely. Classic white roses are great too, but I love that the soft pink petals of the peony lends a soft pop of color, especially now with Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend. Check with your local floral market/florist for availability. 

I’d love to hear what some of your favorite go-to home decor pieces are, so comment + share below! 


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