Bachelor Thoughts: Season 20, Episode 6

Bachelor Nation rejoice!! Finally, Ben sends Olivia packing. It’s about damn time. That’s not what we need to discuss though, can we for a minute, talk about Leah.

I’ve been feeling for a while now that Leah was just flying under Ben’s radar, not standing out, but also not flying her crazy flag high enough to be sent home. Well, tonight we saw her break under pressure and it was not pretty! I don’t know why she thought that her plan to sabotage Lauren B + Ben’s relationship would guarantee her safety. I mean, if it took Ben this long t realize the truth about ol’ gape face Olivia, then how in the world did Leah think she was going to ruin Lauren B in one night?! She literally took go big or go home to heart, and well, she was sent home.

I was on the edge of my seat when Ben cancelled the cocktail party and went straight into the rose ceremony. I swear, when it came down to Lauren B + Lauren H, I genuinely thought he was going to have a bonus rose so they both could stay! Alas, no, Lauren H was sent home. You guys, I am sad to see her go! After last week I thought my little underdog was rising in ranks so it was definitely a shocker, in my book, when dreamy Ben H. let her go. I still love you, Lauren H.

It’s getting to be a real nail biter now that there is such a good core group of girls remaining (excluding Caila…I think she’s shady, I’m getting that vibe from her now). We all have known for a while that Ben tells 2 of the women that he loves them and has a hard time when it comes to giving out that final rose. In tonight’s previews we see that Ben sends one girl home and prepares to propose to the other, only to realize he loves the girl he sent away more. It appears that Ben sends his intended proposee home, and calls the other girl to get her back. Are we on the same page?! We hear a girl say Hello when Ben makes the call, and I swear it sounded like Lauren B. Now, this is the Bachelor. Are they brazen enough to clue us in on the winner in such a way? Was it a simple enough voice-over manupulation? Obvs, the Bachelor knows what they are doing but here’s my prediction:

The final two are JoJo + Lauren B. Ben sends Lauren home, but as he prepares to propose to JoJo he realizes that he cannot live without Lauren so he, in last minute haste, sends JoJo home. He goes on to call Lauren and confess his need to have her back, he proposes, she says yes.

It is going to be quite the ordeal, you guys! I am not sure if I am more Team JoJo or Team Lauren. Here’s who I think will make up the final 4 though:

1. Lauren B 💍

2. JoJo 2️⃣

3. Amanda

4. Becca
Thoughts?! Also, how do you feel about the fact that Ben won’t currently comment on whether or not he has found love?! It drives me nuts! C’mon Ben, give us something!! 🌹


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