Top 5: The Best + Worst Wedding Favors

Having been to quite a few weddings as both a guest and a makeup artist, and given my love of planning practically any event, I often find myself overflowing with ideas or things I would have differently having seen someone else’s ideas. I’ve noticed a lot of talk amongst my friends currently in wedding planning mode concerning what to have as favors. I just have to weigh in on this one. There is no reason to be dated or boring when it comes to these little guys, especially those of you lucky enough to be planning your nuptials during the age of Pinterest (which did not exist when I got married back in 2007, damnit!) I have thus assembled this little list of the Top 5 Best and the Top 5 Worst wedding favors on trend right now.

First, let’s talk about some of the best; gifts your guests will actually want to take home!

Top 5 Best Wedding Favors:

1. Local Honey or Jam


photo credit: Pinterest

This is one of my current favorites! I love the idea of getting little jars of honey or jam, local to you, customizing them with sweet labels or colored strings to match your wedding, and putting them on display for your guests to take home. They don’t take up a lot of space, they can be relatively inexpensive (especially if you are buying in bulk), and your guests can certainly get use out of them at home.

2. Wedding Soundtrack


photo credit: Mathews Manor

This is not a new idea, but one o wish more people would consider. Not only do you get to curate the perfect mix to represent your day, but guests are given a reminder of the vibes that represent you and your significant other. Packaging is super customizable so that’s another plus.

3. Macarons 


photo credit: Ashlee Raubach

Macarons are still having quite a moment right now; rightfully so since they’re such a sweet little package. Not only are these guys delicious and visually appealing, but you can customize the macarons themselves to coordinate your wedding colors, or compliment the flavor of, say, your wedding cake. I’m a fan of clear packaging for these, but the possibilities are pretty limitless.

4. Coozies 


photo credit:

Okay, so with these you have to be careful because they can get cheesy/cliche fast. I personally like these little Beyoncé inspired ones pictured, but I also seem to be collecting cookies now as I pick one up wherever I go! They are an inexpensive reminder of where you’ve been and what you’ve done after all.

5. Cookies


photo credit: DetailsOnDemand (etsy)

This is one of my favorites, and was a big hit at the last wedding I attended. Set up a cookie bar and give your guests a personalized treat bag to fill! Simple as that, and a great alternative to a candy bar of color coordinated proportions!

So, we’ve talked about the good, but it’s definitely worth mentioning the not-so-good. These options you need to stay away from, by popular demand and general consensus of wedding guests everywhere:

Top 5 Worst Wedding Favors (no explanation needed):

1. Bubbles


2. Matchbooks


3. Jordan Almonds

4. Picture Frames


5. Candles


Please, if you are planning a wedding take these suggestions to heart. I mean, you want to make your guests happy and you really don’t want to waste your money on favors they will just throw away or leave behind!

What have been the best + worst favors you’ve received?! Comment below.


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