Emilia Clarke Brightens Up the Red Carpet

Let’s be honest, Emilia Clarke is forever synonymous with Daenaeys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, if you will. While in real life Emilia is quite opposite in appearance to her Game of Thrones counterpart, she is equally as stunning. Case and point, here she is this past weekend on the SAG Awards Red Carpet:

This is not the most popular color choice on the red carpet, but perhaps if everyone could pull it off the way Emilia does it would be! I am absolutely in love with this Dior gown!! The color is quite exquisite, especially set against her fair skin and golden brown tresses. Not just the color, but the silhouette is so lovely with the deep V top flaring out into a full ball gown skirt that isn’t too over-the-top.

Her accessories were kept simple, which I think only benefits this look, especially in the decision to keep a bare neckline. I think any kind of statement necklace here would just take away from the overall visual impact of her look. She is just stunning and as per usual, she rules the red carpet.


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