Bachelor Thoughts: Season 20, Episode 5

Were you live tweeting with me tonight?!! Well if you were watching you know we have quite a cliffhanger to deal with until next week!! 

A few additional thoughts, aside from Twitter:

Olivia just keeps ascending to new heights of crazy. Feeding Ben crickets, giving him a ring, and all of ingenuity. Ugh. And her Teen Mom comment to sweet Amanda?! She should be fearful of a mob mentality after that one. However, I more than loved when the two chefs said that her food looked like dog food.

I do love me some Lauren B, but I was soooo glad to see Lauren H, that adorable little underdog, get her moment with Ben! I knew they were compatible, I knew it! I loved to see that.

What I did not love to see: that cocktail party conversation between Ben and Jubilee. I literally could not make eye contact with my tv screen! I totally did not expect Ben to send her home. I mean, it was obvious they had a legit connection, so it was an emotional goodbye on quite a few levels. It had to be done, but it was, indeed, unexpected from my viewpoint.

Let’s take a minute to talk about Emily, the remaining twin. I was loving her tonight. She is so candid, especially when it comes to Olivia. I mean, round of applause, girl! I want her on my squad with her tell-it-like it is demeanor. She gets a gold star from me tonight, and then a bonus  gold star for keying Ben in on Olivia’s less-than-delightful self. 

My Final 4 Predictions as of this week:

1. JoJo

2. Lauren B

3. Lauren H (get it girl!)

4. Amanda


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