Bachelor Thoughts: Season 20, Episode 4

Let me just start this one out by saying if you are on Twitter make sure to follow me, @jacquelinecxo. On Bachelor Mondays I live tweet the majority of my commentary, so I try not to repeat specifics on here.

The show starts at 8:00, and by 8:02 I was face palming almost every time Olivia opened her mouth. As someone on Twitter said, you don’t need Lace when you have Olivia. It’s true. Ol’ crazy, aka Ol’ Gape Face, aka ughhhhh. Let’s just say Ben is now terrified of birthday cakes, poor guy! Whether she is making gape face, baring her teeth, or chewing her fingers, the crazy well runs deep with this one, as we all know without a doubt at this point.

I still remain Team JoJo (like, I love her), but I am not opposed to some Lauren B. I was getting an awkward vibe with Ben + Becca on their one-on-one, and I am worried Jubilee is going to jump on the crazy train soon if she doesn’t get it together…c’mon girl! Also, can we please see more of adorable Mama Amanda?! 🌹

I know this might not be a long commentary, but so much of tonight was crazy Olivia shenanigans you just need to go back and watch or further reflect upon and just cringe with the rest of us.

My Final 4 predictions as of this week:

1. JoJo

2. Lauren B.

3. Amanda

4. Lauren H. (she’s my underdog…hey girl!)

Thoughts? Comments? Predictions? Let me hear them!! 🌹


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