Bachelor Thoughts: Season 20, Week 3

Bachelor Nation, let’s get right to it.

Olivia’s face bothered me the minute I saw it tonight. I cannot believe I ever openly agreed with Ben’s decision to give her the first impression rose. Ol’ gape face seems to be borrowing some crazy from Lace. What the world?!! When Ben came into the cocktail party with his sad news and Olivia pulled him aside in her annoying way of doing so, I thought, oh, she just had to be the first to console our guy. No. Not even. Bitch pulled him aside to discuss her struggle to be condident with her cankles?! Are you even kidding me?!! Seriously. No. She’s more psychotic than Lace could dream of being. 

Speaking of Lace, anyone else notice she pulled the whole break-up-with-you-before-you-break-up-with-me-move with Ben?? “Just like my tattoo says…” Oh, girl.

We also need to discuss Jubilee. Yes, I agree with a lot of other commentary that her one-on-one with Ben definitely had some awkward moments, but I thought that Amber totally meant to launch an unwarranted attack on Jubes. I didn’t think she was anymore cocky than anyone else that already came into the rose ceremony with a rose; I mean, am I missing something??…that massage during the cocktail party was totally “awko taco” though.

Poor Ben. You can tell he truly has everyone’s feelings in mind. He tries, he does; but when he was done dealing with the whole Amber-Jubilee debacle, he commented that the drama was done. Oh Ben, that’s cute 😉

As always, it’s of huge worth to talk about some of the food. Ben’s one-on-one with Lauren B. really sealed it in that I like her! I have pretty much been on her team from the beginning, but ugh. If they end up together, that really was one heck of a first date.

I also still love Amanda. She was such a little saving grace offering consolation to Ben after he had to endure Olivia’s cankles. She’s more adorable than she even knows.

My TOP 4 as of this week:

1. JoJo

2. Amanda

3. Lauren B.

4. Becca
P.S…. Can Ben please weigh in on whether or not Olivia’s breath is as bad as they say, puhhhlease.

Thoughts??!! 🌹


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