Bachelor Thoughts: Season 20, Week 2

Okay. I have a few things to vent about and/or discuss concerning week 2 of Ben’s Bachelor season.

I was on board with Ben giving Olivia the first impression rose last week, but my my how things can change in a weeks time. I was so annoyed with her tonight I found myself not even able to look directly at my television. How many times does she need to tell everyone she received the first impression rose?? Seriously, aggressive does not wear well on this chick. Speaking of what doesn’t wear well, what was up with that open mouth gaping face she kept making. Should we be concerned? Afraid?.

Lace. Girl is an absolute piece of work. She started almost every conversation off with a promise that she wasn’t crazy. Promises, promises. I was scared to look directly at her face for fear her crazy would bore it’s way into my soul! I refuse to believe Ben chose on his own free will and volition to give her a rose at tonight’s ceremony. There’s just no way, unless he was equally afraid of the crazy.
Now…who are you loving?!

I don’t know about you but I am more smitten with JoJo this week, she is too cute and I totally want to be her friend.

I am also on Team Amanda now as well. When Ben had barrette craft time, I mean c’mon, stahhhp with the feels! He definitely should have given Amanda the rose after the group date, not ol’ gape face Olivia.

I was having a few sad feels when LB decided to leave. I felt so bad for her when crazy Lace interrupted her one-on-one moment with Ben. You could tell she was having a difficult time adjusting, but I thought Ben handled her departure at the rose ceremony in the best way.

Here’s who I am putting in the Top 4 as of this week:

1. JoJo

2. Amanda

3. Becca

4. Lauren B. / Lauren H. (I’m still putting these 2 Lauren’s in a tie for this slot; plus, they both wore yellow this week, fun fact).

Your thoughts??



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