Life with Jude: Nursery Tour

 My son is almost 10 months old, this room has certainly existed for some time now, but I’m finally putting together little finishing touches (Jude surprised us with an early arrival it became a slow but sure process decorating). I didn’t want a set, packaged theme so I took inspiration from a palette of blues and greens, mixed patterns and fun, modern touches that could grow with little man.     
I knew I didn’t want white walls for the nursery all along. We brought home tons of grey swatches to test out, but it was actually this dusty navy color that was thrown into the mix we ended up choosing, and I’m so glad we did!

I saw the name running vertical down the corner of the wall and fell in love! Instead of hanging it by ropes fastened to the ceiling, the husband spent some time to glue it in place, so it was more flush. I bought the wooden letters at Michael’s and painted then bright white to pop against the wall.

I love pattern mixing, as you can already see from the previous photos. Jude’s main sheet set is navy and white stripes (Target) but his green rug is offset with a more modern geometric pattern. Everyone doubted this rug (At Home, 25$) except me, but it works and I love it!  I used a pop of green in some smaller striped fabric against his crib (fabric shop at Walmart 5$), laid over a white faux fur throw (TJ Maxx). The geometric tree print on the wall here is actually a signed benefit poster from Andrew McMahon.



I actually painted the piece above the crib (acrylic on canvas). I got the idea via Pinterest and recreated it with what I had on hand. It compliments another piece I painted. I love that by painting these myself I can have two separate quote canvases that match in style and color.



These are just two random art finds I found and worked into the decor. The little rhino canvas I got at At Home, and the “All day everyday” piece I found at Ross for like 3$!! I happened upon a huge book of scrapbook paper for 2$, so I mod podged all the switch plates and outlet covers in his room. I even made these super cute closer dividers (sorry for the poorly lit photo, I lost the original and couldn’t get enough light into his closet):


All I did for these was get a few of the pennant banner triangles from Michael’s, give them a coat of white acrylic paint, mod podge scrapbook paper on both sides, label the size with a sharpie, and attach to his closer rod with some ribbon! They are so easy to make, and add a cute, personalized touch!

This is my little cozy nook I’m his room. I searched and searched for a grey rocker in this style but everything was always unavailable at the time I wanted to order. My mom ultimately found this one and gifted it to my nursery. Instead of getting the matching ottoman I found that I really liked propping my feet up on my lime green yoga ball I had during my pregnancy; it didn’t hurt that it happen to match the color palette. The marquee star does light up when you switch it on. I got it at Michael’s on sale. The barn star my husband actually found on eBay. It came in its original tin color, but I painted it green to match some of the other decor. The classic car pillow we picked up at At Home (the husband wanted it). The giraffe is actually a sound machine my nephew used when he was smaller, and the plush “My First Football” came from Babies ‘R Us.


I really love this art piece! My mother-in-law had a lady on etsy handcraft this, and she gave it to me at a Baby Shower brunch she hosted for me. I have always had a deep fondness of and connection with this verse, as it was definitely a journey to conceive my precious boy.

This is the changing table set-up. The curtains, like the ones we have concealing his closet instead of actual doors, were a Wal-Mart find, but the window scarf was a little trickier to come by. I couldn’t find one that I was happy with, but one day when we were shopping at Ross I found a set of navy blue geometric curtain panels I fancied. Problem solved: I cut each panel in half, stitched the halves into one longer piece, and as a result ended up with 2 patterned window scarves; one to pair with the curtains on the window and one to pair with the curtains over his closet. Plus, since the closet and window are on opposite sides of the room, the scarves further tie the overall look of the room together.

I found the faux barn wood crate at Ross, and it slid perfectly under the changing table to store diapers. Now we have to discuss that picture frame on the bottom right in the above photo. So simple. All I did was buy an inexpensive black frame and hot glue hot wheels cars all around the outside. Bam. Done. 

Ok, the car the little dinosaur is chillin’ in, let’s take a closer look because I’m obsessed with it:


This whole chrome car idea I fully believe actually did come to me in a dream. I thought, oh wouldn’t that be so cute to have in the nursery to store blankets in?!! So I pretty much made it happen. I found this old faded red car from The Wiggles tv show, just sitting at Goodwill for just 5$!! We cleaned it up and my husband primer it and sprayed it with a chrome spray paint. The end result: something totally cool, modern + original. I rolled up Jude’s thicker blankets and keep them riches inside for storage, and sometimes you can catch a dinosaur or two hanging out there as well.

Here is his dresser area. The dresser itself we paid a whopping 0$ for; my husband found it for free on of our local trash + treasure pages. It didn’t look like this when we got it though! (And now I’m wondering if he even took a before picture…). We gave it a coat of white paint and replaced the knobs with some inexpensive hardware from Home Depot. I also lined the drawer with grey and white shelf paper to add a finishing touch.

On top of the dresser: the clear glass textured vase was a thrifting find, and I use it to keep pacifiers tucked away. The vintage style clock came from Home Goods, and the glass soap pump we bought at Target. But wait, that’s not soap in there…it’s hand sanitizer! It has been so useful and is so much cuter than setting the giant bottle of Purell up there.

The marquee letters spelling HEY are probably one of my favorite things I made for the nursery. Yes, I made them; this is a total DIY you  guys!:

My mother in law picked me up the cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby and I cut them in half with an xacto knife. They were painted white and the lights (Big Lots), were strung through holes in the letters (first pop the globes off the lights you are stringing through). Once all the lights are through, pop the globes back on (this particular set had plastic ones), and secure any loose cord on the back of the letters with duck tape. I’m in love with these, they are so pretty lit up!

I also painted the canvas above his dresser, using the same style as when I painted the canvas above his crib. You may recognize the quote, it’s a line from the song “Cecilia and the Satellite” by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. I love this song and it always reduced me to tears when I was pregnant.


  I love this book storage set up, and as you might have guessed, I totally gained inspiration from Pinterest here. These are the famous 3.99$ spice racks from Ikea. They come unfinished, so we painted ours white, mounted them to the wall, and popped in the books. I added the painted craft store letters spelling WORD to complete this book storage that doubles as a cute display.

I had so much fun putting this room together for Jude, and I want him to know how much love and consideration I put into every little element. I’m glad I am finally able to share this ultimate creative project with everyone, and hope to share more creative home posts in the future!


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