Glow on the Go: Skin Essentials.

New year, new me seems a bit cliche since its overuse on social media, but for me it’s never been about becoming a new person entirely. Can we all instead just focus on bringing our best to the table, emphasizing the beautiful qualities we have had all along?! For me, skincare is everything. Having beaten melanoma cancer twice, and minimalizing a once daily full-face makeup routine since I had my son last March, I have fully recognized and advocated for beautifully healthy skin. 

All of that being said, there are a few products I will have in my bag at any time, tucked away between diapers and yogurt puffs, to keep that dewy, glowing complexion at it’s finest, even when I am wearing no additional makeup!

 1. Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer


This is probably one of my most favorite moisturizers ever! Not only do you feel an instant hydrating feeling, but your skin already starts to look glowing! It also gives your skin a really nice wake up call thanks to ingredients like ginseng and coffee. It’s lightweight and has no greasy residue. Hit up Sephora or an Origins shop to treat yo self!

2. Jelly Pong Pong Liquid Gossamer

  This is a really lovely liquid luminizer, and by lovely I mean it is absolutely amazing! To drop some knowledge, it’s a soft, sheer cream that contains little light-refracting mica pigments that give you such an instant, insanely gorgeous golden glow. It isn’t drying and it blends and buffs easily. You can apply it as you would a highlighter, but my go to spot is right across my cheekbones. Check out to order yours!

3. Glossier Soothing Face Mist


This soothing rosewater spray by Glossier was a new holiday find for me, but it is so ideal! Not only can you spray it on right before you prime your face for makeup, but you can also mist on during the day for refreshing. Tip: when it’s hot outside or you are hitting up the gym, pop your face mist in the fridge for a bit to amp up the refreshing factor and give your skin a cooling burst of heaven! Rosewater and aloe are super soothing and give a light fragrance so your looking at a win-win ingredients wise. Plus, this is another great cruelty-free find, so you’re welcome! Visit Glossier to check out Glossier to get your own face mist, and to check out some of their other beauty products:

4. Water

Hello! If you up your water intake you will be hydrating your body in more ways than you probably realize! Staying hydrated is key for overall health, but it also has a huge impact on your skin. Keep your water bottle handy and refill as needed! 


5. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, Color Correcting/Adjust


While I may not keep this one in my bag, per say, it is for sure a go to when I will be wearing a full-face of makeup. I am prone to redness, so this does an amaze job evening out my skin and giving me a nice smooth base to apply my foundation or BB cream. If you’ve ever wondered why some primers and concealers are green, it’s because green neutralizes red (they are opposite colors on the color wheel). So, let’s say you want to cover up purple under eye areas, you’ll want a yellow based product; never hurts to know your color wheel!

Whether you are getting dolled up or rocking a beautiful bare face, healthy skin is ideal for a glowing, polished look; it really is a game changer you guys!

I’d love to hear some of your favorite go-to skin products, so comment below! XO


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