Fashion Flashback: Sarah Hyland 2014

Can I first off just say that I dig the fashion flashback concept because you really get to see what has changed style wise, and what had actually remained relevant. When I came across this photo of Sarah Hyland, back in August 2014, I definitely didn’t realize that it was almost 2 years old:

I can totally see the wide leg dressed up pant look becoming quite the classic, especially if it’s carried out as well as Sarah brings it. This was the look she spotted at the 2014 Variety and Women in Film Emmy Nominee Celebration.

The embellished, sleeveless Georges Hobeika top is the perfect bit of sparkle set with the stark white of her floor grazing wide leg trousers. I especially appreciate that although the hem of her pants sweeps the floor, it doesn’t look sloppy or ill-fitting. Her glowing tanned skin really brightens up the white, and he casual ponytail doesn’t distract from the sparkle she has going on up top.

Her box clutch with metallic gold trim, and her rings from Brumani and Graziela gems are just enough to be complimentary and not competitive with the look as a whole. Seriously, to this day I fully believe that Sarah Hyland is one of the best dressed celebs that doesn’t get the credit she deserves, and often is portrayed as more of an underdog, if you will, rather than a true style star! I can’t wait to see what she rocks for 2016.

Speaking of 2016, I hope everyone’s new year is blessed and full of beautiful and amazing things. Cheers!


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