Thoughts: The Bachelor Premiere

Tonight was the premiere Bachelor Nation had been greatly anticipating, when Dreamy Ben H (as I’ve said before, that’s his proper name) began his Bachelor journey. 

I thought about compiling something more organized when it came to posting such, but as I try to wrap my mind around Ben’s first night with the ladies I just have to put a few things out there, if for therapeutic purposes only.

There were quite a few standouts for the better, and I was on board with Ben’s decision to give Olivia the first impression rose. I was also feeling Jessica, the accountant from Florida, but she didn’t receive a rose! What a shame, I felt a really good underdog vibe about her. Let’s just be real, we want to talk about the unexpected…the crazy.

Let’s start with Breanne, or as I’ve dubbed her, Gluten. When she first stepped out of the limo, I thought, oh how sweet, a picnic. When she insisted that Dreamy Ben H. literally break bread with her I just could not. I’m all for gluten free optioning, but that’s probably not the best means of introductions in this instance, or perhaps any instance.

What about Tiara, and her chickens. I’m all for chicken ownership, go for it, but why in the world was Ben’a picture framed and centered betwixt other framed photos…of her chickens. It was like an awkward shrine or ceremonial altar. Again, I lost it!

Caila gave me a little bit of a stalker vibe, anyone else? 

The twins, Emily + Hailey. We all knew they were coming thanks to show previews, but I thought they were adorable. I got some little T. Swift feels with those two. They should be interesting to watch.

Isabel and the onesie in lieu of glitzy arrival gown. I could never. She must be one confident lady!

Lauren “LB”. I thought she was adorable. The only comment I have is that I wanted to full in her brows! They would have totally framed her face amaze. While we have a Lauren paragraph going, Lauren R!! Instead of giving Ben her name, which he repeatedly asked for, she basically gave him the play by play of how she had been stalking his social media. Yeah, a rose she did not receive. First rule of social media lurking?? Do you see where I am going here?.

Maegan. Oh, Maegan. Whiskey and NASCAR aside, Huey was one cool miniature pony. And Rachel, unemployed on the hoverboard. I would have thrown her some bonus points if she attempted that bad boy in heels!

And of course, Mandi the dentist with the giant rose hat. Points for being true to you, but it’s best to leave the dental exams to at least the second date.

No, I didn’t forget about Lace. I literally just cannot begin that discussion. I will say one word, certifiable; as in, she is.

It’s pretty obvious that the drama is only beginning, but for now, here is my current Top 4 (hometown date final 4):

1. Becca

2. Olivia 

3. Joelle, “JoJo”

and a tie for 4. between: Lauren B. and Lauren H.

Thoughts? Comments? Disvussion?! 🌹🌹🌹



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