Gifting Guide: For the Host/Hostess 2015

Next week you guys…Christmas is practically here. I hope everyone has found their holiday shopping smoothe as possible. There are so many grumpy brunches out there that will attempt to dampen your spirit, but just remember what this day is truly about, and embrace the love in your own life! As holiday parties and family get togethers are picking up momentum, do not forget to gift your host/hostess with a little Thank You! Here are 10 gift ideas that will let them feel the love:

1. Jonathan Adler Elephant Match Strike


Cost: 42$


Note: This white porcelain bisque elephant match strike is super cute and, of course, functional.

2. Saga Coasters


Cost: 8$/each 

Available: anthropologie,

Note: I am slightly obsessed with these, so if anyone needs to still get me a little something πŸ˜‰ These stoneware coasters are dishwasher/microwave safe, and feature beautiful floral + animal artwork.

3. Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses


Cost: 28$


Note: How great are these shot glasses crafted from Himalayan sea salt? Perfect for tequila to add that salty punch to your favorite label (I’m an 1800 girl). The Rose Quartz color is also a warming, pretty touch.

4. Jam


Cost: 10-15$


Note: I know jam seems a tad homespun, but I think that’s what so great about it. This jam from We Love Jam an artisan small batch jam available in flavors like blenheim apricot, apricot almond, montmorecy cherry apricot, blackberry  walnut, and strawberry mango passion fruit, to name a few.

5. “Drink Me” Kate Spade Wine Tote


Cost: 20$


Note: Wine is a classic gift to give at practically any time, but who’s to say you can’t dress it up a little bit. The “Drink Me” tag evokes a whimsy akin to Alice inWonderland, and the bag is reusable and of course, super adorable.

6. Mini Geo Terrarium

  Cost: 18$


Note: Stick a little succulent inside and this mini bronze terrarium is a great gift to bestow upon your host/hostess! Measuring at 4″x4″you can store more than just small plants; use for jewelry, matchbooks, candies, or other baubles + trinkets.

7. Ginger Syrup + Ginger Infused Honey Gift Set

  Cost: 38$


Note: This is another find from Oprah’s Favorite Things, so how can you go wrong?! Both items are made in Georgia and pack both taste and tremendous health benefits that can be included in a myriad of recipes. Use code OPRAH at checkout to save 20%

8.  Whoopie Pies


Cost: 37$/12


Note: These pumpkin and chocolate whoopie pies shipped from One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn, New York are a great addition to, or replacement of the holiday cookie tray.

9. Threshold Ceramic Cookie Jar 


Cost: 20$

Available: Target,

Note: If you are gifting sweet treats this holiday season, why not tuck them away in a sweet little cookie jar, like this white ceramic one from Target. Threshold’s line has some super cute options, but I like this one for its modern design and pop of metallic on the lid.

10. Mason Jar Shaker and ‘Shake’ book set


Cost: 55$


Note: If you ask me, mason jars are still on trend, forever and always if you’re a Southern girl like myself. This too cute mason jar cocktail shaker, partnered with the Shake cocktail recipe book/entertaining guide by Eric Prum and Josh Williams is a great combination set to give.
Do you have a favorite gift to give your host/hostess?? Are you shopping recommendations from this guide?? Share and comment, and happy gifting!


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