Top Ten: 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 

If you were not aware that last night was the sexiest night on television, then chances are you are living under a rock and not reading this anyway. Whether you watch it for the fashion, the models, the music, or the self-loathing you inevitably inflict upon yourself, there truly is something for everyone! My husband even popped popcorn for the event!

Last year was my favorite show so far, still, but this year totally held its own with innovative + amazing wings and beautifully crafted runway looks that made us all cringe with envy. Music out of the mouths of Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez, and The Weeknd provided a melodic backdrop to this year’s vignettes: Boho Psychedelic, Portrait of an Angel, Exotic Butterflies, Ice Angels, Fireworks, and the PINK segment dubbed Pink USA. Top the night of with Lily Aldridge wearing this year’s 2 million $ fantasy bra, and throw in this year’s holiday commercial set in Rome, and yeah, sexy takes on a pretty magical meaning.

There were, as always, lots of beautiful, memorable looks from the night, but here are my Top Ten:

10. Adriana Lima in Fireworks


9. Lily Donaldson in Portrait of an Angel

8. Kendall Jenner in Boho Psychedelic

7. Alessandra Ambrosio in Fireworks 

6. Barbara Fialho in Ice Angels 

5. Devon Windsor in Fireworks 

4. Joan Smalls in  Boho Psychedelic 

3. Alessandra Ambrosio in Portait of an Angel


2. Candice Swanepoel in Ice Angels

How very old-school Britney Spears VMAs, am I right?!!


1. Lily Aldridge, wearing the 2015 Fantasy Bra, in Fireworks 


Dare I venture to say, this may have been one of the most scantily clad years yet?!! Ice Angels and Fireworks topped my faves of the vignettes, and I need to throw Behati Prinsloo an honorable mention for rocking those illuminated wings during Fireworks:

Who wore your favorite look last night?!!


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