Julianne Hough: She Khan Do It

I finished watching the American Music Awards last night while the baby napped, and can I just say how much more I am feeling The Weeknd after he performed The Hills Have Eyes??! Can I do say how much I am feeling this Naeem Khan dress on Julianne Hough:

Head to toe her whole look is on point, but this dress…hello. First of all, I’m loving this tribal-esque pattern all over, especially how it makes use of all the yellow and green hues. From the repetition down the front of the dress, to the way it caps off on the sleeves, the design is quite lovely. And of course we need to talk about this high cut slits in the front that show off her dancer legs. There’s almost something Cleopatra like in its presentation, while keeping her goods covered…just barely, in the best of ways.

Her metallic wedge heels, box clutch and mint finger length ring are ideal accessories, but I’m particularly loving those blue + green chandelier earrings she is wearing; they really bring out the pops of blue within the dress. Her hair, parted down the center, sleeked back into a bun, and her dark eye-pop of color lip combo are perfect complements to the overall look.

Julianne Hough, you get a gold star!


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