Rita Ora Marvels in Marchesa.

Red carpet ball gowns can all start to look one in the same after a while, but when you come across that one gown that is so perfectly over the top you get more than a little envious of the wearer. Well folks, prepare to be sea foam green with envy over Rita Ora:

How amazingly dreamy is this gown?! It screams glamour, and allure, and all things magical + aesthetically pleasing. Rita wore this Marchesa (shut up, Georgina Chapman is everything) ensemble to the Bambi Awards in Berlin, Germany last week. Shall we discuss further? Let’s discuss further!

The remarkably embellished top with its plunging neck and chiffon sleeves is a giveaway for Marchesa, but what makes this dress so above and beyond is tier upon tier of ombré magic that makes up the bottom half. Gradient from grey to the most lovely, soft sea foam green, the delicate pleating of the tiers culminated with that train that I, for one, would be happy to fluff for her. Seriously. Rita Ora may be all about Body On Me, but I want this gown on my body. 

Her sparkly earrings compliment all the embellishments and her green eye/nude lip combo and slicked back hair complete her award winning look. A win for Rita Ora (literally, she took home a Bambi), and a win for Marchesa, not that we would expect anything less.


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