Life with Jude: 8 Months

Baby Jude is 8 months old today, and let me be basic for a moment and say, I can’t. I mean, I totally can, but I can’t.

I don’t have his official official stats since he goes for his 9-month check up next month, but based on trend and best estimates, he’s weighing in around 17 pounds and sky rocketing at just shy of 30 inches long…he’s a tall little fella!! Clothing wise, most of his stuff is now in the 6-9 month range. Pants are still pretty loose on his waist, but he fo sho needs the length of the larger sizes. I had a pair of 0-3 month shorts on the playa the other day!

He continues trying all kinds of new foods, and I love blending them up in the baby bullet for him. He still doesn’t care for his fruits, and as much as I thought he hated apples and pears on their own, the kid loathes blueberries (which is the purée he tried last night). His favorite does continue to be his baby oatmeal blends though!

We have hit some pretty big developmental milestones!! Jude now sits up on his own and we even have what we believe to be his first word…Hey! I mean, he certainly does hear that enough! It’s also really cool, albeit bittersweet, to watch him be more independent dong things like picking up his own pacifier and putting it in his mouth, picking up toys, and trying to feed himself. He is also a big fan of blowing spit bubbles and blowing raspberries. Many an evening I watch him and his dad have raspberry blowing stand-offs, and admittedly it is entertaining! Crawling is inevitably coming any day; he tries so hard! And fun fact: he’s out of no where started rolling over in his sleep, sleeping with his hands nestled adorably under his chin, and his butt in the air. He rotate him back onto his back, but, alas, more often than not he’s bottoms up again when we get up!

There’s just so much going on with this wonderful kid! How can I even begin to document each amazing moment?!!

The biggest thing going on right now, and by biggest I mean loudest and terrifying, is that he is teething, now more than ever. No fangs have finagled their way through his little gums yet, but as I said on Twitter a few days back, the screams of a teething baby are what nightmares are made of. To the mamas dealing with the same:

  Jude normally sleeps through the night, but nothing is normal when he’s having a bad teething day! It has tried my patience so much because I get so overwhelmed and upset that I’m not helping him more. I broke down and cried the other day, and several times since, just because it was too much. It didn’t help that I’ve had a horrible sinus cold either, but I can’t stand thinking that Jude is so in pain that those kinds of screams could come out of his little body. He’s napping soundly now so I can present this from a seat of clarity,whereas when I tried to make this post a few days ago it would’ve most likely been an emotional mess. Moms, you know…you know. 

Teething aside, this kid is the biggest sweetheart, the biggest blessing. Being his mama is everything. Everything. I love taking a part in all of the firsts and watching jus reaction to the world around him. His first Halloween (there’s a post for that) was so cute, and next week his first Thanksgiving! The holidays are so much more magical and blessed with him here and not nestled in my tummy (I do miss the bump on occasion, still). Of course, there’s also his first Christnas which I cannot wait to experience; Santa will be overdoing it for this little guy!

Happy 8 months Mista Jude!! You are the coolest person I know, and my love for you is crazy endless!!

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