Jessica Alba: Sunshine Chic

I sat down with all intents and purposes to write some new thoughts, but I am too stressed to get my thoughts across in anything other than stream if consciousness. My 8 month old is teething. If you’re a mom, you understand and we just bonded on a pretty deep level in which you’re most likely throwing up a Hunger Games style three-finger salute. 

Speaking of motherhood, and mamas…one of my fave celebrity mamas/momtrepteneurs, Jessica Alba had me feeling some sunshine with this look she wore to the 2015 Baby2Baby Gala:

Normally, I’m not all that keen on yellow, but this Giambattista Valli halter dress is changing my mind. It’s like bringing back a little piece of summer as the Fall continues to cool down. The halter on this piece is a tad casual with the key hole, probably because the color calls for such. I am loving the ethereal flow the bottom half of this dress gives, sweeping the floor in more subtle, cascading pleats. 

I am particularly digging the accents of red that Alba pairs with the whole look: hints in her jewelry, manicure, and pop of her lips are just enough to amp up the impact. Her gold, mirrored Lee Savage clutch is another complementary accessory, and her swept up hair completes things beautifully. She looks comfortable, but still completely chic.


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