Halloween 2015

Even though little Mista is only 7 months old, it was his first Halloween none the less, and he was a happy little guy getting in on all the festivities with his cousins!

I seriously could not wait to share these photos of the squad πŸ˜‰

Mainly because I made my niece’s costume. If it wasn’t obvious she was Cruella Deville and my Newport and my son were her Dalmatians. I cannot, can you even, stahhp it, and all things basic. Here’s a better look at the Cruella tutu costume, and all of its 30 yards of tulle glory:


A lot of work, but I think it was worth it. I definitely have to say, it’s a totally different experience approaching Halloween from a mom perspective, than from whatever one I approached it with before. Last year I was like 3 months pregnant, but my husband and I have always loved participating in seasonal festivities, but it is definitely even better getting together as a family and watching our son discover the adventures that await him!!



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